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5 Crafty Ways To Create A Wreath For Christmas

With very few ready-made options to choose from, creating a beautiful Christmas wreath for your front door or to hang in your home is an easy craft project.



Every year I hang a wreath on my front door but with the lack of options for a ready-made Christmas wreath, it's always nicer to be inspired to make your own. Plus, buying a ready-made wreath is so expensive that it puts them out of reach for most of us, and especially those who do Christmas on a budget.

If you don't want to buy a Christmas wreath or can't find one that you like, you can just as easily make your own using a variety of materials and using nothing more than a hot glue gun and scissors. This year, why not create a beautiful wreath to hang to celebrate the festive season. Take a look at some of the ideas below that we thought might interest you.








Who doesn't love colourful ribbons and bows? Making a pretty festive wreath with colourful ribbons and bows is probably one of the cheapest options for making a wonderful wreath to hang on the front door or inside your home. Pop into your nearest fabric store to check out the range of ribbons they have and also visit local craft stores or home decor stores, as they also stock a selection of festive tapes and ribbons you can use.



Cut a piece of cardboard to the size you want for your wreath and use a hot glue gun to secure all the ribbons and bows in place. A Christmas message is optional but does add a finishing touch to the wreath, as do a few festive baubles or accessories.








If you are picking fresh greenery from your garden, you can make a fantastic wreath for almost nothing. Using faux greenery might cost a bit more but there's always the option of recycling your old Christmas tree to use for artificial greenery to craft a wreath. Eucalyptus sprigs, Rosemary, any type of spruce or fir tree and some metallic or colourful baubles are all you need.



You might need something a bit stronger than cardboard unless you are using thick corrugated cardboard. But everything used to make the wreath can be secured using a hot glue gun. A good idea as a backing for any wreath is to purchase a small piece of masonite or hardboard at Builders or your local hardware store.



If you have access to a garden, Mother Nature provides us with an over-abundance of materials that we can use to craft a rustic wreath. Long, thin branches that can be cut off, long lengths of ivy or a blank store-bought branch wreath are just some of the materials you can use for this type of wreath.



Get into the garden and remove any long branches from shrubby plants. I have previously cut lengths of ivy, removed the leaves and then let them dry out to use them for making a similar wreath. Weave the branches in and around each other to make a circular shape and then glue on your choice of embellishments.









There is still plenty of time to set out a selection of fruits to dry out to make an aromatic wreath for indoors. Oranges and lemons are popular and can be combined with sticks of cinnamon and a few cloves here and there to bring a festive scent to the home.



Decide on whether you want to use a fresh or dried fruit wreath. Fresh fruit can easily be pinned onto a backing with thin wire. For dried fruit, choose your fruits now to give them time to dry out. You could always speed up the process by placing your cut fruits on a baking tray and placing these on a low heat in the oven.



Using different varieties of succulents to craft a wreath for the festive season not only looks amazing, but you can also keep this hanging in a sunny spot indoors or in the garden for a year-round display.



For a colourful succulent wreath, you will need to mount this on a backing that incorporates moss so that you can occasionally water the plants. When you do water them, use a misting spray of water to prevent wetting the backing too much. Alternatively, after the holidays, carefully remove the succulents from the wreath and plant these back into the garden. These plants are so versatile they will soon take root and grow.





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