Beautiful Macramé Wall Hanging

Diamonds are a girl's best friend and this beautiful macramé wall hanging features a diamond pattern that is easier than it looks.



They say that diamonds are a girl's best friend, and this diamond pattern macramé wall hanging definitely looks beautiful mounted on a wall. While the pattern may look difficult, it's actually only a Lark's Head knot and Square knot. The finished size of the wall hanging is 520mm wide x 1150mm height.

The original design is by Rianne Zuijderduin of Teddy and Wool, and you can visit her website for even more inspirational macramé projects. One of her beautiful designs is shown below, and this is one you can buy or can easily make yourself using a few basic knots.




6mm diameter cotton or sisal rope - 36 pieces cut to length of 4.5 metres

20mm diameter pine dowel - cut to length 640mm





1. Find a nice place to work where you have enough space to hang the pine dowel. Fold the 36 threads in half and use a larks head knot to secure onto the dowel.

2. Begin with a square knot in the 4 outermost threads.. Skip 4 threads and knot the next 2 square knots. Skip 4 threads, knot 2 square knots, skip 4 threads, knot 2 square knots and continue the pattern to finish the first row.

3. For the second row, skip the first 6 threads, and create a square knot. This knot will go right under the first one with only 2 threads of rope from the first knot, and the 2 threads of rope next to it.

4. Continue the pattern until the whole project is finished.

5. Cut the threads to a length of your choice. The one shown here has a total height of 115 cm. Knot a basic knot on the ends of all threads to prevent it from unraveling. Attach a cotton cord on top for hanging, and pick the prettiest place on your wall for hanging! 



If you're hooked on macramé why not make your own hanging shelf. Alternatively, you can buy this shelf direct from Teddy and Wool.

If you want to make the shelf yourself, buy a small piece of PAR pine for the shelf and some cotton or sisal rope for the macramé hanger. You will find both at your nearest Builders Warehouse.

The macramé shelf incorporates a super-easy design that you can easily make yourself as a hanging shelf for a bathroom, an eye-catching bedside shelf, or just for fun.



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