Learn Basic Sewing In 7 Easy Steps

In order to learn basic sewing there are some steps that should be followed by a beginner in order to master the art of sewing.


The fashion industry has been evolving over the years through the creation of unique clothing. This explains why most people are currently interested in learning basic sewing. However, in order to learn basic sewing there are some steps that should be followed by a beginner in order to master the art of sewing. The steps include;

1. Purchase of Sewing Equipments and Materials

As a learner who is interested in mastering basic sewing skills, the first step is to purchase the necessary materials required in sewing. The materials that should be prioritized include;

a) Sewing Machine

A sewing machine is one of the most important tools in sewing. It should therefore be durable and modern so as to make your sewing easier. As a beginner, you can always search for a sewing video online in order to get more information in regard to the aspects to look for while purchasing a sewing machine. A good portable sewing machine should also have the ability to carry out various tasks such as stitching various types of stitches.

b) Needles

Needles are also very important in sewing. As a beginner, you should buy different types of needles. This is because different fabrics require different types of needles and the use of a wrong type of needle will automatically damage your fabric and your garment.

c) Threads

Threads are also very crucial in sewing. Threads can be used to make embroidery and also to sew the garment. The right color shade should always be used while stitching a garment soaks to make it flawless less. Threads come in different colors and thickness and thus while learning sewing basics you should purchase different types of threads.

d) Scissors

Scissors are used to cut the pattern pieces. You should purchase different types of scissors due to the diverse nature of their functions. Notably different fabrics require different types of scissors, thus having a variety of scissors is important.

2. Learning Hand sewing

The second step in learning basic sewing is learning to use your hands in sewing. Learning how to sew by hand sharpens the sewing skills by ensuring that while using a machine to sew, you will effectively finish the parts to be sewn by hand effortlessly for a smooth finish especially the hems. Back stitches, blanket sewing, Button sewing and running stitches are some of the most commonly used hand stitches.

3. Learning how to sew with a machine

This includes learning the basics on how to operate a sewing machine. Sewing machines come in different forms and aspects and thus it is important to understand it before you start sewing so as to make your work easy. Information about the machine is usually on the manual and it relates to the parts of the machines and their uses.

4. Learning sewing Basics

Sewing Basic entails learning about the various techniques used in sewing. This includes operating the sewing machine, cutting patterns and hand sewing. Basic skills determine whether an individual can be able to sew on their own.

5. Learning about Fabrics

Fabrics come in different textures and patterns. When learning about sewing. It is important to master the fabrics. This helps you in using the right tools in your sewing and also in designing the patterns.

6. Learning about patterns

It is important to learn about how to design and cut out various patterns. This enhances creativity and production of unique clothing. The production of unique clothing is the main reason for learning basic sewing, thus it’s a key component in the learning.

7. Practicing the skills

Practicing the skills is the seventh step in learning basic sewing. It entails the actual designing and stitching of a garment. This is to ensure that you have fully understood the previous six steps of basic sewing.

To conclude, sewing can be a hobby or career. As a career sewing is a very lucrative venture due to demand for unique clothing by celebrities while attending annual events such as met gala where creativity in the outfits is key. However, perseverance is very important while learning to sew. Lack of perseverance can make you hate sewing due to the processes involved. We all know that while learning to sew, you are bound to make a lot of mistakes before you become an expert in sewing.



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