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Last-Minute Christmas Decorations

If you are looking for last-minute Christmas decorations, either for your home or for the Christmas dining table, you will love these quick and easy ideas that don't cost much to make.


These last-minute Christmas decorations are easy to make, won't cost much, and are perfect if you are in need of last minute decor or items to dress the Christmas dining table with a festive touch.

The Christmas trees are made using paper and decorative hole punches - oval shapes and snowflake shapes - and a few other supplies and you can quite easily make them in under an hour. So stop stressing and get making!







Decorative hole punch


Polystyrene cone (or make your own cone)

Assorted papers

Wood scraps (cut your own from branches)

Acrylic craft paint and paintbrushes

Hot glue gun








1. If you haven't managed to buy a polystyrene cone, make your own using lightweight card. Paint the cone with metallic craft paint and put aside to dry.






2. Use a punch in 3 different sizes, this one cuts out oval shapes, and punch out the shapes to decorate the cone. You will need approximately 18 large shapes, 24 medium shapes and 24 small shapes, depending on the size of the cone.

3. Use a round object to curl  the ends of the oval shapes, as shown below.

4. Heat up your hot glue gun to attach the individual shapes onto the cone. Start at the base of the cone with the large shapes and work your way up to the top with the medium and small shapes.

5. Insert the pine skewer into the bottom of the cone. Drill a hole in a circular wood block - or something similar - to finish off your mini Christmas tree.



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