Best Patterns for Large Chunky Blankets or Throws

If you have been hunting high and low for ultra-chunky wool to make a large chunky knit blanket or throw, I found a supplier for the ultra chunky wool as well as some great patterns for knitting a large chunky blanket or throw.

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I have been yearning to make an ultra-chunky blanket or throw for the bed for a couple of years but was always unable to source the chunky wool needed for the project. Only recently did I come across assorted colours in Tinkly Supa Chunky wool - ultra-thick wool that you can use to make oversized blankets or throws with knitting needles, arm or finger knitting. Interestingly, the store where I found the wool stocks a variety of large knitting needles. For arm or finger knitting you will have to supply your own!



Chamdor Faktry Sales in Decor Park, Fourways was were I discovered the supa chunky wool and knitting needles, but I also came across the where you can order the Tinkly wool online for those of you unable to source the super chunky wool anywhere close to you. The cost is anywhere from R80 upwards for a single skein.



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Even if you have never done any knitting before, you will find it easy to create your own supa chunky blanket or throw and you can make it any size to use as a throw on your bed or your sofa. You can even use your new craft to make a variety of items using the supa chunky knitting style, including ottomans and rugs.





In the first video below, you will discover just how easy it is to make a blanket or throw using supa chunky wool and knitting needles. For me, I have always wanted a small throw for the bottom of the bed, so I will definitely be finding some spare time asap to make one. Plus, if you are making it yourself - buying wool in your choice of colour - you can save yourself a fortune instead of buying a chunky blanket or throw (if you are even able to find one!).


Fancy making a supa chunky knitted pouff? In the video below you will be able to follow step-by-step instructions to making a supa chunky knitted pouff - and it won't take you that long to make either. Keep in mind that the size may vary based on the thickness of the wool. If your wool is a little thinner, be sure to add more stitches and rows to compensate.



If you don't fancy the idea of using ultra-large knitting needles, you can always make your supa chunky blanket or throw using your arm or fingers. Take a look at the video below for more details.






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