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Be inspired every day

Use a Dremel MotoSaw to make your own inspirational cut-out letters.



The Dremel MotoSaw is a great tool if you enjoy doing craft and hobby projects that involve detailed cutting. The Dremel MotoSaw converts from a stationary scroll saw to a portable coping saw with the touch of a button. Compact in size the MotoSaw is perfect for someone who doesn’t have lots o space, or patience to handle larger and more complicated tools.

 The blades are easily changed and there are a selection of blades available that cut through a variety of materials: wood, laminate, plastic and thin sheet metal.


Plywood, pine or other softer board product*

Printed template

Sprayable adhesive

120-grit sandpaper

Choice of paint to finish

Hot glue gun and glue sticks


*If using SupaWood, use thinner 6mm or 9mm boards.

1. Use sprayable adhesive to secure your template onto the surface of the board being cut.

2. Cut out individual letters and then do the finer detailing or cut out inner sections for each letter.

3. Sand all the letters with 120-grit sandpaper once cut out.

4. After sanding you can paint these as desired using acrylic PVA, craft paint or Rust-Oleum spray paint.

5. Evenly space the letters where you want to mount them.

6. For this project, the letters were secured on top of the cabinet with a large blob of hot glue. For a more permanent setting glue the letters onto a piece of board and paint the same colour.


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