Mother's May - Craft Ideas for Crafting with Olfa

Olfa have the best tools for all your crafting needs and this Mother's May there is no better time to invest in a few tools for making home decor items or making money!






Times are hard and we are all being hit by rising prices across the board. Inflation is about to reach a high and salaries just can't keep up with it - if you are lucky enough to have a job. One way to bring in extra money is with crafts, crafting items that you can't buy but that bring a lotta love into your home or someone else's home.





Olfa tools have everything you need for crafting with a variety of different materials, but especially if you love crafting with fabric. Invest in a couple of tools needed, grab a hold of some fabric scraps, and turn these into something beautiful that you can keep or sell. Facebook, Instagram, and a host of other online sites provide the perfect opportunity for you to make and sell your handmade goods for some much-needed cash to see you through the month.







Here are just a few ideas of the things you can make (and sell) using fabric scraps and Olfa tools:



Custom Table Runner





Every home needs a beautiful table runner, one that you can keep on the table or bring out for special occasions. All you need are a few scraps of fabric and some Olfa tools to make a table runner and you will find how-to instructions on this link: - copy and paste into your browser to get started on your first project. If you need to convert imperial measurements to metric measurements, use this handy converter.



Custom Home Fabrics





It is easy to make custom home accessories or to make them for someone else. Tea towels, oven mitts, serviettes, and napkins, imagine using scraps of custom fabrics to have your own designer range. With a simple sewing machine, you can create a range of home accessories that will bring in extra cash. Click on this link for the how-to instructions for this easy project:





Design home accessories according to a colour scheme or make them seasonal or for special holidays and celebrations. You will find instructions to make the oven mitts and fabric pot trivets on this link that you can copy and paste into your browser:





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Custom Cushions





One area of home decor that is sadly lacking in affordability and choice is throw cushions. I have noticed over the past couple of years how the prices for throw cushions have dramatically increased. What you used to be able to buy for around R150 to R200, now costs more than R300. Imagine offering a service where you make custom cushions in the client's choice of fabric and be able to cash in a tidy profit and still offer affordable prices? Get more information on this project here:



Pop on over to to stock up on Olfa products at a special price for the month of May!



Get Crafting with Olfa

There has never been a better time than right now to bring in extra cash for those rising expenses. Get a small business established and sell your handmade goodies online. To save a bit extra, as friends and family if they have any fabric scraps or old clothes that you can use to make your projects.





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