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DIY Halloween decor

If you and the kids enjoy participating in Halloween, we've put together a selection of easy DIY Halloween decor ideas for the home.


Create a spooky vibe with a creative display of Halloween goodies on a fireplace mantel, shelf, or cabinet. Blog staying close to home provides simple instructions for no-sew Halloween decor.

This candy door hanger can be mounted conveniently should the kids come knocking for trick or treat. This project by cherished bliss uses a plastic half-pumpkin, but you can substitute with a real pumpkin cut in half.

You can't decorate for Halloween without a pumpkin or two, and you can grab assorted size pumpkins at your local veggie store. Hollow these out, clean them and pop in a candle to make a wonderful display for the Halloween festivities.

Get the celebrations in full swing with a selection of Halloween doughnuts from Krispy Kreme - now in South Africa at select venues. The kids will love the skreme themes for Halloween!

Make your own fun refuse bag spiderwebs. Found on fast forward fun, these spiderwebs will add a fun elements to windows and your Halloween decorations.

Let the kids make their own scary stuff for Halloween. These egg carton bats are super easy to make, and can be hung from light fixtures around the house to scare guests!

Grab some Rust-Oleum spray paint at your local Builders to make a scary wreath for Halloween. Cut foliage from the garden and spray this with matt black and then glue on spray painted plastic spiders.

Make your own bat treat packs for handing out to the kids for Halloween. All you need is some black crepe paper and card, and craft glue or a hot glue gun.

These floating ghosts are easy to make using cheesecloth and items you probably already have in the house.

Stock up on orange and white balloons and use a permanent marker to draw scary faces on them. If you don't want to go to the expense of filling with helium to let them float, secure on thin sticks or dowels.


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