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Rust-Oleum - Pure Gold in a Can

One can of Rust-Oleum Metallic gold or Spraymate Metallic gold and you can add a touch of gold to your home.


If you're still looking for ways to add a touch of gold to your living spaces, here's how easy it is to grab a can of Rust-Oleum or Spraymate spray paint to spray something gold.

Whether it's an old piece of furniture in desperate need of touching up, a hand-me-down that needs to be transformed to fit into your home, or just a piece of junk that you find interesting and want to keep. There's no excuse if you want to spray something gold!





Old dark wood furniture that doesn't fit in with your modern design looks absolutely gorgeous when given a couple of coats of gold spray paint. After that, you can even decide you want to zuzz it up with new fabric or upholster the seat in a luxurious faux fur to add a luxurious touch to your bedroom.

Once you see how rich the colour goes on and how it changes the look of furniture, you will want to go mad and spray everything gold. Hold on there girly! Gold can add something different to your interiors but don't go overboard as it could look tacky. A single piece of furniture with a dash of gold, or a few gold accessories will have just as much impact.

Spraymate's new Rose Gold spray paint looks stunning when paired with pink, or Pantone's Colour of the Year - Living Coral. And if you are looking to re-decorate your home, coral is a beautiful warm colour that works well in a home for summer or winter. So think about adding a splash to a room in your home.

Rust-Oleum Universal Metallic spray paint is ideal for use on metals and will transform steel and iron with just one coat of paint. Use a can of gold to transform everyday furniture into extraordinary pieces that will shimmer and shine.

With a can of Rust-Oleum or Spraymate metallic spray paint, you can instantly transform any piece of furniture in your home. Go glam with gold accents to makeover steel or plastic furniture. Disassemble the pieces as much as you can, take them outdoors and place on a drop cloth, and spray on your choice of finish.

Add metallic gold to your home office by updating your office chair. Re-upholster the seat in colourful fabric and then spray the base of your chair in shiny metallic gold.

Feel like having a bit of fun? You can use metallic gold spray paint to transform everyday items. Create an interesting vignette with a selection of fun accessories that only need a coat of spray paint to give them a different look.

At a cost of around R80 per can at your nearest Builders store, Spraymate metallic spray paint is an affordable way to update a wide selection of home accessories. Choose an item you would like to makeover and see what a difference it makes once sprayed in luxurious gold.

Rust-Oleum Universal spray paint retails at around R220 per can at Builders stores and gives any project a long-lasting finish. Spray on plastic, wood, ceramics, cement and more, and there are so many metallic finishes to choose from.

Give any special occasion the perfect finishing touch by using gold spray paint to transform elements for the event. You can save money by buying affordable decorative accessories and then give them a coat or two of gold spray paint for a luxe look that will let your table shine.

And anything looks good when given a coat of gold spray paint!



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