Make fun games for the family

After the holidays and time spent travelling, or at home, you will realise the value of these fun games for a family. Make your own games to play when travelling, or when spending time at home.

When the kids get bored it can drive you nuts, especially when you're stuck in a car travelling for holidays. This game is easy to make and lots of fun to play and will keep the kids occupied for an hour or two.



TicTacToe family game

Everyone in the family can play this game, and it's cheap and easy to make. You will find all the materials and supplies for this project at your local Builders Warehouse.

1. Cut a 25mm pine dowel into pins about 2cm in length. You will need a total of 9 pins, but cut a few more just in case one or two get lost. Lightly sand the cut pins.

2. Stain half the pins with Woodoc Gel Stain in your choice of colour. Choose a dark tint for a good contrast between the two sets of pins.

3. For the game board you will need two pieces of pine or plywood about 8cm x 8cm square. These two pieces are glued together. Clamp together while the glue dries.

4. To mark the location for drilling holes, draw lines from the corners and then use a Carpenter's square to mark the centre lines.  Now, starting from the centre make 4 marks at 2,5cm from the centre lines.  This will give you a total of 9 marks.

5. Use a 25mm spade bit or MAD bit to drill holes to half the depth at the marked locations. Lightly sand the edges.


To finish off the game board you can keep it simple, or decorate with the tools you have. Mark out a grid with a handsaw, hacksaw or Dremel MultiTool. Use a router or Dremel Trio around the edges, or use a sander to round off the corners.

Sand the surfaces with 120-grit and then 180 / 240-grit for a smooth finish. Wipe clean before applying Woodoc Antique Wax or Woodoc 5 or 10 Interior Sealer to protect the finish. 


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