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A Beautiful Feature for your Christmas Dining Table

This beautiful Christmas feature brings a touch of nature to your festive dining table and is super-easy to make.


Dress your Christmas table with a beautiful centrepiece or two to easily add festive flair for the holiday season. You can make this beautifully arranged accessory using natural foliage foraged from the garden, some air-dry clay accessories and a candle.







Florist's foam block



Thin wire

Assorted foraged foliage or dried moss

Air-dry clay for the stars and balls

Craft glue or glue gun









1. Soak the foam block beforehand by placing in a bucket of water then cut the foam to fit into the vase. You will need to cut away the corners but leave some foam on top for placing the foliage around the candle.

2. Push a few lengths of wire into the base of the candle and place in the centre of the foam. Cover all visible foam with moss.

3. With the candle firmly fixed in position, you can start adding the decorations and embellishments. The idea behind this arrangement is to use as much foraged foliage as possible. We added a Kalanchoe leaf sprinkled with glitter - you could also use a leaf from a succulent as a substitute. Apply a thin bead of glue around the leaf edges and dip this into your glitter. This gives the arrangement some sparkle.

GOOD TO KNOW: To affix any embellishments or decorations into the foam, wrap them with the thin wire and arrange to disguise the wire.






4. The stars and balls are made with air-dry clay and then spray painted in metallic hues before being placed in the arrangement.

5. Finish off with some pine needles that are dipped in glue and glitter to give the arrangement depth and height.



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