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Fairy Light Christmas Tree

No space for a Christmas tree? Make this decorative Christmas tree with fairy lights and a piece of pine or board.


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Not everyone has the space for a full-on Christmas tree and where space is limited you can easily make a centrepiece or decorative feature as an alternative to the traditional tree. Or you can grab a piece of laminated pine, plywood or SupaWood (MDF) and make your own decorative Christmas tree using LED fairy light.







Piece of laminated pine, plywood or SupaWood (MDF)

30mm screws


LED fairy lights


Cordless screwdriver or drill / driver plus assorted bits

Tape measure and pencil








1. Measure and mark out a triangle shape for the tree design. Don't make this too small - you want it to be an eye-catching feature for your living room. Place one screw at each corner and wrap your string line around from top to bottom.

2. Now you can drive in screws at equal distances between the corners using a cordless screwdriver or drill / driver.

3. Starting at the top of the triangle shape, carefully thread the fairy lights up and over the string line all the way to the bottom.






Your finished design should resemble the image below, with enough cord left over to plug in and light up your fairy light Christmas tree.



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