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How To Make A Tablecloth For Christmas

When it comes to decorating the home for Christmas, I'm always a bit let down when it comes to options for Christmas tablecloths, so why not make your own!



Every year, I pull out the same gold-striped tablecloth for decorating the dining table for Christmas. I only do this because there just doesn't seem much of a selection out there for decorating the holiday table, and it's not Christmas if you don't have a properly dressed dining table. With this in mind, I went online to look for options for those - including myself - who would like to make their own Christmas tablecloth or table runner.







1. Sew your festive tablecloth or table runner

For those of you who own a sewing machine, making a festive table runner using scraps of fabric is an easy one. You don't even need to be a sewing expert to applique pretty fabrics onto a fabric backing. I thought I would put this one at the top of the list to give those of you who are interested in making your own table runner - or tablecloth - plenty of time to organise what you need to get started.


I quite fancy this idea and do love the design above. All you need to know are a few basic stitches on the sewing machine, mainly zig-zag and running stitch, so it's not difficult at all.

1. Cut out the shapes that you have decided on using for the table runner, arrange these on a fabric backing and use a zig-zag stitch with matching thread colour to sew in place.


2. To give the table runner a bit more depth, and also make it so that you can put hot pots or dishes on the table, place a thin layer of batting between the top and bottom layer of backing fabric.

GOOD TO KNOW: Batting is available at fabric stores and comes in a variety of thicknesses.


3. Add a matching strip around the edge and finish off by using your sewing machine to sew a simple design over the top to highlight the padding.







Now that you know how easy it is to sew a Christmas tablecloth or table runner, you are sure to be making plenty more for family and friends or set up a mini business to draw in some extra cash for Christmas.


You can have so much fun designing your own wonderful range of festive linens for a tablecloth, table runner and even serviettes for the holiday celebration.







2. Stamp your festive tablecloth or table runner

Using homemade stamps from something as simple as an ordinary potato is a very affordable way to design festive tablecloths using a wide variety of stamps. Purchase cotton or linen fabric for the tablecloth or table runner and use a stamp pad, fabric paint or acrylic craft paint. To embed the paint in the fabric, apply a steam iron to the back. You will be able to hand wash the fabric as often as required.


Your ordinary garden ferns almost resemble Christmas trees and you can use these as stamps to transfer paint onto cotton or linen fabric. Make it more festive with a few red holly berries (using the eraser end of a pencil) or other detail you want to add.


3. Paint your festive tablecloth or table runner

Burlap is an inexpensive fabric that you can buy at most fabric stores and it allows you to make assorted fabric decorations for your home and dining table over the festive season. An easy way to dress up the fabric and make it more festive is to hand paint on wording, designs, or just plain stripes.




1. Start by sewing a hem around the piece of burlap fabric. For this particular project, a decorative trim edge was sewn in place.



2. Painter's tape can be used to mask off certain areas to add stripes or other decorative shape.



3. To finish off the tablecloth or table runner, add your choice of wording with paint. If you are not great at freehand painting, download images or wording online that you can print out on a PC printer.



4. Make a paper festive tablecloth or table runner

If you don't own a sewing machine and painting isn't quite up your street, there is always the easy option for making a festive table runner. Use white, red or green card and cut out snowflake shapes that can be glued onto a piece of burlap, cotton or linen.




Use a hot glue gun to secure the snowflake shapes onto the burlap backing. As easy as that!






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