Embroidery Christmas Decor and Ornaments

If you enjoy sewing or want to try something different, these gorgeous embroidery ideas are wonderful for making your own Christmas decor and ornaments that will last forever.





Embroidery is a relaxing craft that is not difficult to learn and lets you make something that is lasting. To help you get started on your embroidery project, we have included some videos below that take you through the basic embroidery stitches so that you can get cracking on your Christmas project.








For hundreds of years, women have been learning how to do embroidery to create their own tapestries and decor accessories. There was a time when embroidery was considered an important craft that women must learn before getting married. Oh my, how times have changed. But still today, embroidery is a craft that is easy and lets you design and create a wide range of home accessories. In this article, we look at how you can use embroidery to make Christmas decorations and ornaments.






The Christmas Wreath is considered a traditional element of decorating a home for the festive season. But not everyone likes to make their own wreath, and they are quite expensive to buy. This year, why not make your own embroidered wreath - one that you can take out and use every year. All you need is an embroidery hoop, embroidery thread and an idea.







Invest in a selection of embroidery hoops in different sizes so that you can make large and small embroidered holiday decor. The smaller embroidery hoops make pretty Christmas tree ornaments. You can find more designs for these ornaments from PolarX Ornaments.

Using embroidery hoops to make your own tree ornaments is a great way to start a family tradition and get your children involved in simple projects where they can create their own designs for the tree.









I stumbled upon the Wandering Threads Embroidery website [wanderingthreadsembroidery.com] and you will find plenty of ideas, tutorials and projects for all your embroidery projects. You can also pop onto their website to download a selection of hand and machine embroidery patterns. However, it is so easy to create your own unique designs using embroidery by browsing the Web for ideas and then transferring these onto your fabric.












Use embroidery to create your own personal, unique holiday decor accessories. Pillows and cushions are a popular choice as accent pieces for decorating the home, and they are easy to make using basic embroidery stitches.






When you are starting out with your first embroidery projects, keep it simple. Don't try to do a complicated design that will only make you frustrated.




A fun project that the family can get involved in is to make personalised felt Christmas stockings with embroidery detail.






Start a family tradition where everyone has their own personalised Christmas stocking. Use cotton, linen or felt to make up the stockings and then add your own designs.



Embroidery Hoops

A basic embroidery hoop is made of two concentric circles, the outer ring having a tightening device. Most are manufacturing using a flexible timber, but you can also find embroidery hoops made of other materials. You can buy embroidery hoops in South Africa, and you can simply go online to search and find your nearest supplier.



Embroidery Thread

For all your embroidery projects you will want to use a good quality embroidery thread. The DMC range is available locally at craft or hobby stores and you can pop online to find your nearest retail outlet.



Fabric for Embroidery

Cottons and linens, as well as felt, are the most often used fabrics for embroidery projects. When using these fabrics you don't need a thicker needle and they won't pucker as you stitch.


Watch the videos below for more information on basic embroidery stitches and see how easy it is to make your own Christmas decor and ornaments for your home.








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