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Wool or embroidery thread Easter wreath

Here's an easy Easter craft project that the kids can get involved in during the holidays.


Water balloons

Craft glue

Embroidery thread or thin wool yarn


Hot glue gun and glue sticks


1. Fill the balloons with water until they are the size that you want. Wipe a layer of Vaseline over the balloons.

2. Add some water to the glue to make it more runny and then soak the thread or yarn in the glue.

This part can be messy to cover up surfaces and floor with sheets or newspaper or a drop cloth and make sure the kids wear old clothes or aprons.

3. As you remove the thread or yarn squeeze out excess glue between your fingers.

4. Wrap the balloons with the gluey thread. Make sure the starting end us wrapped over and tuck under the end. Leave these to dry overnight.

5. Now you can pop the water balloons. Do this outside or over the sink. Once popped, gently remove the balloons from the wrapped thread or yarn.

6. To make the wreath use hot glue to attach the eggs to each other. This might be a good time to ask mom or dad to help you. Work on a flat surface to place the eggs in a circle and glue them in place one by one.


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