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Beautiful Easter egg ideas

Take a look at some of these beautiful Easter egg designs that you can easily replicate for your Easter celebrations.


These beautiful metallic design eggs would look great in any Easter setting. Paint the eggs in muted colours and then use metallic foil to create tattoo designs.

Make use of any leftover nail polish to decorate your Easter eggs and give them a swirled marble finish. Fill a bakkie half full of water and pour swirls of nail polish over the top before gently dipping your egg in.

Give your Easter eggs a sophisticated look with a coat of gold spray paint. Cut out a letter (for each on of your guest) and stick this onto the egg with sprayable adhesive. Shake the can and then spray the eggs gold. Let the paint dry and then carefully peel off the sticky letter.

The kids will love these glittery Easter eggs. Dip the base in craft glue and then dip again in fine or chunky glitter. Tap off any loose pieces before placing on display.

These bunny eggs will be a feature on a kid's table. Use small pieces of wire or ice-cream sticks glued onto the back of the eggs.

Give wooden eggs a geometric look with two or three different paint colours that complement your table setting. Use masking tape to mask off the areas to be painted.

Au naturel... you don't need to do that much to create these wonderful Easter eggs. Use a fine-tip white marker pen to draw designs onto the egg shell.

Dye your eggs with food colouring, or paint with craft paint, and then splash them with browns. These spattered eggs look wonderful when placed together in an attractive container and displayed as a centrepiece.

Here's an easy way to add a colourful splash to any Easter table setting. Paint eggs in bright yellow colours and then paint on swirls, stripes and dots.

Here's another colourful Easter egg display. The eggs are dyed in lavender food colouring and then painted with white swirls. To create the swirls, wrap the eggs with an elastic band before dyeing.

Draw your favourite designs onto assorted Easter eggs. Choose a theme that complements your Easter celebration decor.

Create a colourful basket of Easter eggs by wrapping them in tissue paper. Layer on scraps of tissue paper with ModPodge and then coat with extra ModPodge to finish.

Got some yarn left over? Apply craft glue and wrap the eggs with colourful yarn.

Use various punches to punch out designs from masking tape. Place these around the egg and apply a coat of spray paint. Remove the stickers once the paint is dry.

These natural dye eggs are dyed with yellow onion skins. Toss the onion skins into cold water, add a cup of white vinegar and bring to the boil. Place leaves on each egg and wrap in an old pantyhose and tie a knot. Place gently in the water and slowly simmer for a couple of hours. Once you take out of the pantyhose, rinse and allow to cool.

Gather together scraps of card and paper to make these farm animal Easter eggs.

ABOVE: Time for something different... give Easter eggs a mosaic effect with coloured eggshells glued on the top.

BELOW: Go for a natural touch for this year's Easter eggs. Plain brown eggs are painted with unusual designs with a white paint pen.


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