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Fun Easter crafts for the whole family

It is Easter holidays and we put together a selection of Easter crafts for the whole family.


Fun for the Easter Table

The kids will enjoy making these adorable Easter animals. Use hardboiled eggs and paint or dye them in different pastel hues to make an Easter centrepiece for the dining table. Click here to download the template to cut out all the shapes to make assorted Easter animals.

Set up a cake stand where the kids can show off their Easter creations. All you need to make your own cake stand are some plates and candle holders. Glue these together with a hot glue gun and place in the centre of your Easter table.

Hard-boil some eggs for the kids to make their own Easter decorations. For this wonderful Easter garland let them glue colourful ribbons onto the eggs for hanging up and they can add fresh flowers from the garden, or make their own crepe paper flowers.

Kids love glitter and they can make their own Easter baskets with eggs painted in their favourite colours. Let the paint dry before adding craft glue and coloured glitter. Rust-Oleum have spray glitter in a rainbow of colours that is easy to use to spray on a glitter finish.

You can also use the Easter animal template to create a basket for pretty Easter animals for the Easter Egg Hunt.

For older kids that want to be involved in the Easter decorating, let them add patterns and designs onto eggs with a Sharpie pen. They can decorate their eggs in a single colour, or use different colours to create intricate designs on their Easter eggs.

The kids can make these wonderful Easter bunnies using ice-cream sticks and glue. Older kids can use a hot glue gun to secure all the ice-cream sticks into the bunny shape.

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Another Easter craft that will keep the kids occupied over the holidays is to boil up some hard boiled eggs and let them decorate with paint and accessories. These adorable Easter eggs make use of old silk flowers to add decoration. They can use craft glue or a hot glue gun to attach the decorations.

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