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Fun Ideas for Easter Decor

Easter is not far away and we found some pretty ways to dress up your home for Easter and crafts that the kids can also do to decorate the home.


Easter is almost here and we wanted to find some pretty and fun ways to dress up a home for Easter. With the entire nation in lockdown for the next 3 weeks, the family will be spending a lot of time together - at home, so why not make the most of this experience and look at how the entire family can be involved in decorating the home for the Easter celebration.




In touch with nature this Easter

The kids will love to get involved with decorations for Easter, and it's also a great way for the kids to learn at the same time. Let them forage in the garden for plants that can be used to decorate the table or a mantle shelf. They can also discover interesting facts about the different types of plants.

Paper Easter baskets

Coloured paper and raffia or wool are all you need to make your own Easter baskets. This is a fantastic craft for fine motor skills, as the kids learn how to weave. And they will have so much fun making their own baskets.







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Finding ways to keep the kids occupied during the holidays, and with the lockdown over the next 3 weeks, is going to be a difficult task for any parent. It's hard enough when they're allowed out, so even more so when they are not allowed to leave the house. To make life a little easier, we have collected some fun crafts that the kids can do to keep them occupied, and also to add to your Easter decor this year.

Free crafts for Easter projects

Salt dough is an inexpensive way to make ornaments and decorations. All you need is flour and salt and an oven to slow bake the creations. Your children can make assorted egg-shaped ornaments and paint them in Easter colours, with a bit of added glitter for sparkle.

Bunny-ting on a line

Bunting is a family favourite - whatever the occasion, so why not create your very own bunny-inspired bunny-ting to hang up in the home. All you need to make your bunny-ting is colourful paper - perhaps leftover wrapping paper that you still have stored away somewhere. You will also need to draw a template of the bunny shape and the kids can cut this out for you. Glue a piece of cotton ball onto the bunny and peg onto a length of string. The Crazy Store has great prices on bamboo pegs - they're not quite as big as normal pegs, and they would be perfect for this project.







If you prefer, you can simply cut the bunny shapes out of plain white paper and let the kids draw and colour in their own bunnies. That should keep them occupied for an hour or two!

Happy Easter

Easter greetings or thank-you cards can be a fun activity for the entire family. Let the children cut out Easter-themed shapes using coloured paper or card and mom or dad can do the difficult cutting. Or you draw out the designs and let the kids colour this in with crayons or felt-tipped pens. They can make Easter greeting cards for grandparents or school friends.

The perfect Easter hat

There's still time to rush out to the craft or hobby store to buy whatever supplies you may need to keep the kids occupied during the lockdown. An Easter bonnet is a fun way to transform an old hat and give it an Easter theme with a variety of accessories. Use colourful ribbons, silk or tissue paper flowers, and some adorable pompom chicks with pretty painted eggs. Glue these onto the hat with a glue stick or use a hot glue gun under adult supervision.

Have fun and learn with eggs

Hard-boiled eggs are great fun for crafts and you can use craft paint and felt-tipped pens to design your own unique Easter egg faces for your Easter characters. Use card or paper to make colourful hats, or add some ears to Easter bunnies. And you can even use a few brightly coloured hair bands to add some texture to your Easter character collection.

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Another fun craft using hard-boiled eggs is to colour them with food colouring. Simply add approximately 20 drops of the food colouring to a glass bowl, add a teaspoon of white spirit vinegar and then pour half a cup of hot water into the bowl. Use a spoon to dip your hard-boiled eggs into the coloured mixture. The vinegar helps transfer the food colouring to the eggshells.

While the children are having fun decorating their Easter eggs, they can also learn about how to use plants, herbs and spices to make natural dyes and colourants.  

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