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Dremel VersaTip for Woodburning

Soldering irons have become popular for woodburning - pyrography - and you can use a Dremel Versatip to decorate a pine or bamboo chopping board.


Using woodburning techniques is a great way to make unique gifts for birthdays, special occasions, or weddings. All you need is a Dremel VersaTip and a set of Pyrography accessories.


Chopping board (pine or bamboo)

Dremel VersaTip and accessories

Printed design






1. Choose a suitable design and print this out. Rub the back with an HB pencil in order to transfer the design onto your board.

2. Place the suitable pyrography tip on your Dremel VersaTip and let the tool heat up for about 5 minutes. Now you are ready to burn the design onto the wood.

GOOD TO KNOW: If you haven't done this before, have some scrap pieces of pine handy to practice your technique.


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