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Make a Reclaimed Wood Candle Holder

We used a stave from an Oak barrel to make an attractive wood candle holder as a centrepiece for the festive dining table.


This reclaimed wood candle holder is made using an old barrel stave that gives it a nice curved shape. You could also use a cupped or curved piece of reclaimed wood as a substitute.







Reclaimed wood

Tea light candles

Sealer or varnish to finish


Drill / Driver

Forstner - spade or MAD bit, dia determined by size of candles

Jigsaw and clean-cut jigsaw blade

Multi-Sander plus 120-grit sanding pad


Round template

Tape measure and pencil








1. Use a circular template to round off the edges of the piece of wood. It just adds that extra bit of elegance once the candle holder is complete.






2. Clamp the workpiece to your bench and use your jigsaw to cut off the ends and cut the curved shape.

3. With a multi-sander and 120-grit sanding pad, clamp the piece down while you sand the edges and surfaces.  Once sanded, take a look at the finish to decide whether or not it needs to be stained later on. You may already like the raw look.

4.  Now you need to measure and mark the position for the candles to drill the holes. Space the holes at equal distances along the length of the wood, while also factoring in the diameter of the candles you will be using.

5. Drill out the holes to 5mm deep - not drill through the wood. Sand the hole smooth on the inside.


Apply wood oil, sealer or varnish to finish off the piece and add your candles.




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