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Valentine's Day Gift Idea

These screw top jars can be purchased at Westpack or home decor stores and make the perfect Valentine's gift when engraved and filled with sweets for your sweet!


We run a variety of workshops at DIY-Divas, and at a recent DIY Divas Dremel workshop, those attending had fun finding out how easy it is to engrave on glass. And if you use a template you can't go wrong!






Glass jar - even recycled food jars will do

Printed template and tape

Dremel MultiTool and Flexi Shaft

#84922 Silicon carbide grinding stone

Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint for lid








1. Use your PC printer to print out a template with wording that fits with the size of your project. Fit this inside the glass jar and secure in place with tape. If necessary, pack some tissue inside to make sure that the template is flush with the surface of the glass. This way it is easier to read and trace over. 


2. Slowly follow the template using the grinding stone fitted into the end of your Flexi Shaft. If your Dremel MultiTool didn't include a Flexi Shaft, this is definitely a worthwhile investment - it makes engraving easier.




Don't rush - take your time to carefully follow the template.

3. If necessary, remove the template and insert a piece of coloured fabric to make it easier to outline the wording again.


4. Use Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint in gloss apple red to spray the lid of the glass jar.

To finish off I added a small red heart cut from card and wrapped this around the jar with white string. The jar was filled to the brim with sweeties!



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