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Quirky Coat Rack

Grab your Dremel tools and make a quirky coat rack for your winter coats. You can make using wooden coat hangers, or add even more personality with assorted hangers.



Coat hangers

Pine block, approx. 50cm in length

Tracing paper

Template (bottom of this page)

Dremel MultiTool and engraving cutter #106

Dremel DSM20, mitre saw or jigsaw

Combi Drill plus assorted bits

180-grit sandpaper

Woodoc Antique Wax and cloths

40mm screws [5]

Wood glue

Wall plugs and screws [2]

Spirit level

Tape measure and pencil



1. Mark the coat hanger where it is to be cut off and repeat for all the coat hangers.

2. Using a carbide cutting wheel in the Dremel DSM20, cut the coat hangers to the right length.

GOOD TO KNOW: You can also use a jigsaw or mitre saw to cut the hangers.

3. On the pine board, draw a line down the horizontal centre. Drill two holes at 5cm in from the side edges - for wall mounting - and holes at 10cm intervals - for the hangers. 

4.  On the spaces between the holes, trace and transfer the design at the bottom of this page - or draw your own design.

5. Carefully engrave your design onto the board using a Dremel MultiTool. You can attach a soft-grip handle or use the flexi-shaft to do this easily.

6. Sand any rough edges and apply Woodoc Antique Wax over the board.

7. Secure the hangers onto the board through the back using wood glue and 40mm screws.

8. Attach to the wall with wall plugs and screws. Use a spirit level to ensure the hanger is mounted straight.


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