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Gift idea... Dremel chess board

You can make this stylish chess board using pine-faced plywood or veneered MDF and your Dremel DSM-20.



Half a sheet of 6mm pine or beech plywood*

Half a sheet of 3mm pine plywood or hardboard

Pine moulding / trim for frame

Wood glue

Woodoc gel stain - imbuia or ebony

Old rags or sponges

240-grit sandpaper


Dremel DSM20 and wood cutting wheel

Quick clamps


Tape measure and pencil

Buy everything you need for this project at your local Builders Warehouse.

*As an alternative you can use 6mm MDF and glue a wood veneer on top of this.



1. Clamp the 6mm plywood to your workbench or table to cut the plywood into 8 strips, all 50mm wide.

2. After cutting sand the edges smooth.

3. Stain 4 of the strips with imbuia or ebony gel stain.

4. Carefully laminate (glue) the 8 strips together, making sure the ends are aligned. Alternate the coloured strips.

5. Allow the glue to dry overnight before cross-cutting the assembled panel in alternating directions so that you have 8 strips with the alternating colored squares on them.

6. Smooth the cut ends with sandpaper.

7. Cut the 3mm plywood or hardboard base to the same measurements as the game board. Glue the strips onto the base.

8. Cut the moulding into manageable strips. Cut a 45-degree angle (or bevel if the moulding is raised) to create a picture-frame style edging. Sand the edges smooth and stain or sealer as required.

9. Use wood glue to assemble the frame around the game board. Our frame consists of strips of pine quarter-round and straight pine moulding.


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