Pattern for Dog Coat

Don't let your pet shiver when it's cold - make them a cosy dog coat to keep them warm in winter.


Knit this colourful dog coat in extra-small, small or medium depending on the size of your dog. These sizes follow the measurements XS (extra small) - S (small) - M (medium) as shown below. The yarn used for the dog coat is DROPS Eskimo, but you can substitute with locally available yarn in your personal choice of colours.



Dog size:

Chest width: approx [XS] 28/30cm – [S] 40/44cm – [M] 48/52cm

Back length: approx [XS] 24/26cm – [S] 32/34cm – [M] 40/42cm 



50g of 4 colours [red - orange - purple - pink]

7mm Needles

7mm Crochet hook

Buttons [4]

Knitting gauge: 12 sts x 20 rows in moss sts = 10 x 10cm



Seed sts: (See video at the bottom of this page for how to seed stitch)

1st row: *K1, P1*, repeat from *-*
2nd row: K over P and P over K, repeat the
2nd row.

Stripes: Work as follows:

5-7-8cm of red,
1.5-2-3cm of pink,
4-5-6cm of orange mix,
1.5-2-3cm of lilac mix,
3-5-6cm of pink,
1.5-2-3cm of red,
3-5-6cm of lilac mix
and then orange mix until finish.


The piece is knitted from the bottom of the back and up towards the neck. Cast on 11-15-19 sts on needle size 7mm with red. Work in seed sts and stripes – see above- until finish – at the same time cast on new sts each side on every other row (i.e. end of each row): 2 sts 2 times and 1 st 2-3-5 times = 23-29-37 sts.
Continue until the piece measures 21-28-36cm.
Then bind off the mid 5-7-9 sts for the neck.
Divide the work and finish each side separately – all measures are done from here from now on.

Left side: = 9-11-14 sts. Cast off 1 sts towards the neck on every other row 2-2-4 times = 7-9-10 sts.
When the piece measures 9-10-12cm bind off.

Right side: Work as left side but reverse.

Crochet edge:

Crochet with lilac mix and hook size 7mm along the whole edge of the coat- begin at the top of one side of the neck as follows: 1 sc in the first st, 2 ch, *skip approx 1.5cm, 1 sc in the next st, 2 ch*, repeat from *-* and finish with a sl st at the beg. of round.

Harness underneath the stomach: Pick up 7-9-10 sts on needle size 7mm with lilac mix on the left edge of the coat beg. approx 6-8-10cm below the neck (Pick up in the knitted sts so the crochet edge lay at the top). Knit in Moss sts for approx 10-15-20cm – try the coat on the dog for exact length (the garment stretch a little when used so don’t make it too long), bind off.

Sew 1-2-2 buttons onto the harness and 1-2-2 buttons onto the neck edge. Button up using the ch spaces.



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