Learn how to Embroider your own Home Decor Accessories and Gifts

Find out how to use embroidery to design your own unique home decor accessories and gifts.





Almost since the beginning of recorded history, ancient civilizations have used embroidery to apply designs to fabrics, whether or clothing or textiles. This timeless craft has travelled through the ages of history and still, today remains a craft that is used to decorate fashion, textiles and now also for home decor.







The art of embroidery has to be one of the easiest crafts to master, requiring nothing more than a basic understanding of the stitches involved to create wonderful designs using embroidery thread. And getting started with embroidery involves only a small investment to purchase embroidery hoops, cotton or linen fabric and a colourful selection of embroidery threads and needles. Compared to most other crafts, embroidery is probably one of the most affordable ways to craft custom decor accessories and create lasting hand made gifts. Additionally, it is important to know machine embroidery free designs that can implement them.



Embroidery is an easy and inexpensive craft that lets you create lovingly crafted, personalised gifts.









New parents wanting to create a lasting memory of their child's birth, or perhaps family and friends looking for that unique gift to give to new parents, imaging designing a personalised embroidered design that can be mounted on the wall of a nursery. You can even select colours for the embroidery thread that ties in with the design of the room or choose a design that perfectly complements a room theme.






Every bride wants to remember that special day, and embroidery gives you the perfect opportunity to create a special memory you can cherish forever.






With DIY weddings being the buzzword these days, you can even put your embroidery skills to good use to craft special accessories for that special day. Embroider a custom ring bearer that is embroidered in colours to complement your wedding decor.










Embroidery Thread Colours

There are hundreds of embroidery thread colour options to choose from, from the palest pastel hues to vivid brights and jewelled tones. Embroidery thread costs around R15 per skein and can be purchased at craft and hobby stores, as well as online via several local craft supply sites.





With the increased popularity of embroidery in the last few years, new colours are constantly being introduced. The DMC Color Variations is an embroidery thread that comes multi-coloured with an over-dyed effect that is 100% colourfast and won't fade. 100%Egyptian cotton gives the thread a brilliant sheen. The over-dyed coloured threads create subtle colour variations without having to change threads.





Embroidery Thread Stitches

Mastering the art of the various embroidery stitches and design techniques is easy with all the tutorials and step-by-step instructions to be found on the web. There are websites galore dedicated to embroidery patterns and designs, tutorials on how to do various patterns such as flowers and leaves, and even how to add embellishments to your embroidery projects using sequins, beads and lace.







Check out online tutorials for flower and leaf designs that you can add to your embroidery projects.









Embroidery Thread Patterns






There are thousands of designs to be found online for embroidery projects, but there's nothing difficult about designing your own custom embroidery projects. Outline your design on a piece of paper until you are 100% happy and then transfer this onto the fabric using a fineliner marker.



To get you started with your first embroidery project, we have included a couple of videos below that take you step-by-step through the basic embroidery stitches. Once you have mastered the basics, move onto to more advanced stitches, or discover how to add embellishments to your embroidery work. 







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