Quick Project: Make a Desktop Organiser

Here's a quick and easy project that lets you keep your desktop neat and organised with a nifty desktop organiser.


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If you are looking to practice your DIY skills, this desktop organiser is a nifty project that you can do easily and it will help keep your desktop organised.


22 x 69 x 300mm PAR pine or meranti block

35mm Forstner or MAD bit

Drill/Driver plus assorted bits

Tape measure and pencil

120- and 180-grit sandpaper

Wood stain, tinted sealer or tinted varnish


1. Mark the location for drilling the holes on the top of the block. Don't forget to factor in the size of the Forstner or MAD bit.

2. Clamp the block tightly to your workbench in order to drill out the holes.

3. Sand all the rough edges with 120-grit sandpaper and then smooth the block with 180-grit sandpaper. Wipe clean.

4. Apply your choice of stain, tinted sealer or tinted varnish to protect.

Forstner Bit

You  can buy a Forstner bit to fit into a router or a drill. Forstner bits have sharp cutting edges around the cutting bit and provide a clean hole. The tip on a Forstner bit is also shorter than that of a spade bit, which means it won't go right through your board or timber.



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