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How to Dress a Christmas Tree

A beautifully dressed Christmas tree is the centrepiece of your festive decorating, so let your Christmas tree shine.


The Christmas tree is the centrepiece of your holiday decorating, so you are going to want to make sure that your Christmas tree shines with festive flair. There are a few simple guidelines to dressing a Christmas tree, and we take a closer look at these in the article below.

Set up the Christmas tree

When you buy a Christmas tree, it is usually folded up and crammed into the packaging. The first step to setting up your new Christmas tree is to carefully unfold the branches and set the tree on its feet on the floor. The trick to making an artificial tree look more realistic is to take the time to make sure all the individual branches are nicely spaced out.

Add the lights

LED fairy lights are available in all sorts of colours, lengths and styles. These days you can buy flashing fairy lights that even play Christmas tunes -  although you may find this a bit annoying after a few days - the kids will love it! Lights are wrapped around the Christmas tree first so that you can cover this up later on with more decorations.

Check that the LED lights are spaced nicely from the top to the bottom of the tree. Don't put them too close to the edge where children will be able to reach them.

Arrange the tinsel

If you are hanging tinsel on your Christmas tree, wrap this around before you add any decorations. I like to wrap the tinsel so that it covers up the LED lights wires and catches the lights when they are switched on. It just looks so pretty in the evening when the lights are off and the Christmas tree is sparkling.

If you are not hanging tinsel but have faux holly, popcorn garlands or something similar, this also gets wrapped around the tree before hanging the finishing touches.

Finishing off your Christmas tree

Now comes the fun part - hanging the tree decorations! Get the family involved in this tradition so that everyone can have fun. There are no rules when it comes to dressing the tree with shimmering ornaments, but do try not to overload the tree so that it looks tacky.

The colour that you choose for your baubles is up to you and you can go with a single theme or hang traditional or more modern colour options. You will find thousands of ideas for decorating a Christmas tree on Pinterest, but keep in mind that what you see will be determined by what is available locally.

For a traditional Christmas, you should select tree ornaments and baubles that will last and can be safely stored away when not in use. Pack carefully to avoid damage and you should be able to use year after year.



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