Decorate a Spring Garden with Pretty Fabric Bunting

Hard to believe that spring is just a month away so grab some fabric scraps and your sewing machine to make up colourful, pretty patterned bunting to hang in the garden or to add some fun to your home interior.

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Using scraps of fabric to make pretty patterned bunting is a fun way to add colour and pattern to any space, both indoors and outdoors. This spring boost your mood and hang some bunting in the garden, or use it to decorate a room to celebrate the arrival of spring. We're all feeling a bit down at the moment and it's just the thing to add a bit of fun and brightness to your home and garden.







Even if you don't have any scraps of fabric lying around, you can use old clothing, worn out bed sheets, or dig into the reject bin at your local fabric store to see what you can find. If you don't own a sewing machine, you can use iron-on double-sided fusing to join all the pieces together to make your own bunting. Most larger fabric stores stock double-sided fusible webbing and it works like glue to fuse fabrics together without any sewing required. You will find a video on using fusible interfacing here.


Dress up a spring picnic with floral fabric bunting that adds just the right amount of spring flair. - 302656037428667632/?nic_v1=1aQ1dN7mwkxhzUoSJoaBLVBs14CWXA9KyZo9AnlIMGgoxYjYxK6ZWvHVhCiCk0BymD


Bunting is an easy DIY project that you can do whenever you have some spare time on your hands and it's also a fun activity that you and the kids can get involved in.

Homemade bunting has become a popular choice for gardens and homes and we are seeing so many fun ways to display bunting to dress up a party or picnic, a special celebration or occasion, particularly birthday parties, but there still so many other ways you can use buntings. Follow the steps below to make your own bunting.



Assorted fabric scraps

Bias binding, tape or ribbon, or you can use string or twine

Pinking shears

Needle and thread, double-sided fusible web, or sewing machine and accessories

Piece of card or cardboard

Dressmaking pins

Tape measure




1. Draw out the shape for your bunting on a piece of card or cardboard - we used a triangle shape. You can make any shapes you want; you can make short, stubby triangles, long, narrow triangles, or you can make other shapes. Make several triangle templates so that you can cut more than one shape at a time from your fabric, or fold over the fabric to cut several pieces at the same time.

GOOD TO KNOW: When cutting out the fabric shapes, you will need a front and a back piece so that the bunting looks good on both sides.

2. Use pins to attach the triangle template onto your fabric so that you can cut around this. Using pinking shears means that the fabric won't fray as much.

3. Place a front back piece against each other, patterned sides facing out and then sew - or use double-sided fusible web - to join these together. - 378020962457515716/?nic_v1=1aQfqTo8j69Y1FG%2BTJDX%2B805NONvi2MH3cz7kH9OztVj5iYMLZSmC%2B%2BUVManGVXSl2


4. Once you have joined together all the shapes you need, space these evenly along the bias binding tape and pin in place. If you are using fusible web you can leave out this step and simply use fusible web to secure the flags onto the bias binding.

5. Now you can use a zigzag stitch to stitch to fasten the shapes onto the bias binding, tape, ribbon or other material.

Make sure to leave enough tape at both ends so that you can tie your bunting up where you want it to hang. - 116460340336217600/?nic_v1=1am%2BgXY1ifV3hZ%2FuPA0YRPbrJo80xvSUEsEJ7L7iTrcglBblzx%2BGroKT1vES6WBwBv







Make bunting with assorted patterned fabrics in vibrant colours that will attract the eye when blowing in the wind. - 101119954121481013/?nic_v1=1aHinIf5NVusFtcdmw1XlJwaCoq93ygdqgm5EQkterelEGSuAY55t%2FwBjGdxVuq48u - 288300813619168660/?nic_v1=1aOMxejszHGebMuLCkwGfJan3dB6qKvKR%2B3giWUxB0Tv3kUn1PNFPxTnKDep4KP213


You don't only have to hang your pretty patterned bunting in the garden, you can also use it to dress up a garden shed, hang from a patio or deck, or even let it hang over an outdoor dining table to add a playful feel to your spring entertaining.


Use bunting to dress up open shelves in a cabinet or cupboard.


And buntings can be hung indoors as much as outdoors. And you don't have to use it only for a special occasion. Make up different lengths of bunting to hang inside a cupboard or use it to hang on a wall in a child's bedroom. Because you are making your own bunting, you get to choose the fabric colour and pattern if you want to decorate a room and tie it in with the style. - 795729827898667187/?nic_v1=1a0CiTH7enurYpmL1%2BdYYOAtwHaIp%2BxxdR1JYwWgENNNnKDyc5RZhU5He0clpMV6cs


Colourful bunting is an easy way to introduce a playful element into a child's bedroom, especially when you use fabric colours and designs that tie in with the theme of the room. - 186477240801136617/?nic_v1=1a9kG6fzIEpQPuD9aYUtqYFXIhhQTRWfgnuPukLoGCGqHN8a8wvTkBXCZeEvy2HAJe


Walls in a fresh white colour are give a splash of colour with a pretty bunting. - 281123201709332316/?nic_v1=1atAgLlzpmcukvsfaQ1i7wjGpc3I0fqtvBWgbX%2BAxm%2B%2FNrMF5ieLq5wZ14Rr01ung6




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