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Repurpose old ornaments for holiday decor

Don't throw away your old or broken tree ornaments. Here's a way that you can use old tree ornaments in a new way to make your own festive decorations - and save money too!


Don't throw away old or broken tree ornaments and baubles when you can repurpose them in new ways to make your own festive decorations. Take all your old ornaments and see the ideas below for inspiration to create unique and affordable decor for your home.

If you enjoy giving your Christmas tree a new look each year, you probably have quite a few baubles and ornaments lying around. Save some money and dress up your home in fun ways, or let the kids have some fun, and craft colourful decor accessories.

An old window or picture frame is just the thing for displaying an arrangement of cast off Christmas tree ornaments. Have your local glass merchant cut glass to size and then use a hot glue gun to arrangement old ornaments and baubles into a tree shape. Give your display even more festive flair by adding LED fairy lights.

Dress up your coffee or dining table with assorted ornaments and baubles placed loosely in a frame or tray. Add glitz with a light dusting of glitter over the top.

Add a dose of Christmas cheer to other rooms in your home with small picture frames and a collection of colourful baubles. Use hot glue to attach the baubles to the glass in the frames.

Hang colourful baubles over your festive celebrations. If you don't have a light fitting above the table, use embroidery hoops fastened together with wire, nylon line to hang the baubles, and a length of line to hang from a hook in the ceiling.

If you prefer a more rustic style of decor for your home, use a combination of natural materials and shiny ornaments to create holiday decorations. All you need is a galvanised bucket, a selection of branches and twigs, and a few pine cones and then you are ready to add some fairly lights and pop in some old baubles.

Festive wreaths are another easy way to repurpose old or broken baubles, and there are hundreds of ideas to be found on the Internet.

Use last year's tree decorations and a picture frame or cardboard cut out and some hot glue to create your own unique door wreath, or decorations to hang in the home.

Keep it simple with a few baubles in a single colour and then dress this up with ribbons and lace for a beautiful arrangement that can be hung on a wall or door to welcome guests into your home over the festive season.

For those homes with a staircase, use greenery from the garden (or faux greenery) to add colour and Christmas cheer to an entrance hall or staircase.

And don't forget to add some holiday magic to your front door. Turn an old plant pot and broken ornaments into a welcoming display.

Gather together your supplies - you will find almost everything you need at your local Builders store - and get crafting this Christmas!


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