Festive crafts with Cupcake Liners

Cupcake liners are an easy way to make a variety of festive decorations for decorating your home for Christmas, or for any occasion.


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Make colourful Christmas tree decorations with cupcake liners. To make, simply cut down the side of each liner and remove the base. Make or buy a cardboard cone and starting at the bottom, wrap a cut cupcake liner around the tree, securing the ends with sewing pins or hot glue. Cover the entire cone and add more strips -  overlapping slightly and alternating patterns - until you reach the top. For the top of the tree roll a small pleated piece and insert it inside a slightly larger strip and then pin to treetop.



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Use cupcake liners in festive designs and colours to make your own garland - to hang on a wall, above a window, or to decorate around your holiday dining table. It's so easy... flatten the cupcake liners and place these on top of each other. Glue together before adding your choice of embellishments and then hot glue these onto a length of twine or string to hang up.

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Or use cupcake liners in assorted colours and patterns to dress up plain fairy lights to hang on the wall. Please only use LED lights for this project, as anything else will get too hot and burn the paper liners.

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Buy assorted colours of cupcake liners if you want to make a wreath to hang on a door or wall for the holidays. Cut out a cardboard circle, flatten the cupcake liners and glue these onto the circle. Add a colourful ribbon to finish off your cupcake liner wreath.

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Why not put cupcake liners on top of your cupcakes! Use them to add a fun festive touch to plain cupcakes. These cupcake liner tree toppers look so good, just remember to tell everyone that they are not edible!

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Shop for cupcake liners with a festive theme and make your own tree decorations. Flatten the cupcake liners and arrange them to make a tree shape, glue together and add a string hoop at the top to hang on your Christmas tree.

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Let the kids get involved in making decorations for the Christmas tree. These adorable tree angels are easy to make, and the kids can create their own tree angels to top off the holiday tree.

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The kids can also make their own Christmas cards using colourful cupcake liners.

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And last but not least, you can use cupcake liners to add a personal touch to your holiday gift wrapping. Use cupcake liners and ribbon, buttons or twine to embellish all your holiday gifts.

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