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Bleached Pine Cone Wreath

This bleached pine cone wreath is made using pine cones, a pool noodle and some LED fairy lights.


5-minute crafts

This pine cone wreath is easy and inexpensive to make and lends a festive touch to welcome holiday guests to your home.


Assorted pine cones

Hot glue gun

Large glass jar with lid

Household bleach

Pool noodle, cut and taped into a circle

LED fairy lights, battery operated






1. Place the pine cones in a large glass jar and pour in enough household bleach to cover. Fasten the lid in place and leave overnight or until all the pine cones are bleached white.

2. After bleaching, rinse and dry all the pine cones.

3. Apply hot glue to the base of the pine cones.

4. Arrange the pine cones around the taped pool noodle wreath form.

GOOD TO KNOW: Use all the larger pine cones for the top of the wreath.

5. Fill in the spaces around the larger pine cones with smaller pine cones until all the gaps are filled on both sides.

6. Continue adding smaller pine cones to fill up the wreath.

7. Wrap LED fairy lights around the pine cones and add any additional embellishments.

Hot glue a hanger on the back to mount your bleached pine cone wreath on your front door or over a mantlepiece.



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