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These Coffee Filter Craft Ideas will keep you busy!

If you drink a lot of coffee, you will have fun with these creative craft ideas and hacks that you can make with coffee filters.


There are plenty more ways to use coffee filters than just for collecting coffee grounds. We took a look around to find some of the best, fun and practical coffee filter crafts you can try. Whether you are looking for coffee filter hacks, or coffee filter crafts, take a look below at some of the wonderful ideas we found.





Coffee Filter For Plant Pots

You can use a coffee filter at the base of a plant pot rather than have to pack in pebbles or stones, and the coffee filter will trap any loose dirt and prevent it from falling through the holes in the base of the pot. I much prefer this option, as you have far less dirt falling into the water tray below.







Naomi Imatome-Yun/Food Hacks

Coffee Filter Snack Divider

If you don't have enough pretty bowls for all your snacks, double up your dishes by placing a couple of coffee filters in the bowls. Once arranged neatly, you can fit two or more snacks in a single bowl.

Naomi Imatome-Yun/Food Hacks

Coffee Filter Herbal Tea Strainer

Enjoy making your own herbal teas? Coffee filters are great for using as strainers and will ensure you enjoy a good cup of herbal tea - without anything floating on top. 






Coffee Filter Spatter Shield

When heating up foods and liquids in a microwave, place a coffee filter over the top to keep your microwave clean and spatter-free. The coffee filter won't affect the cooking time and will help to keep moisture in the food rather than drying out.


Weigh Loose Items in a Coffee Filter

When working with precise measurements, or need to weigh loose goods, a coffee filter makes it easy and contains loose spices, flour and sugar, etc.


Protect Cast Iron and Non-Stick Frying Pans

When cupboard space is at a premium and you need to stack pans on top of each other, an easy way to protect your cast iron and non-stick pans is to place a coffee filter between the pans. This will ensure the surface won't get scratched or damaged.





Coffee Filter Craft Ideas

I love this crafty project to make pretty coffee filter dancing fairies. There is a video instruction here and all you need to make these dancing fairies are some coffee filters, pipe cleaners and a few extra supplies. Little girls would definitely love to make their own dancing fairies.

Coffee filters can be used to create the most beautiful looking, albeit fake, flowers. These everlasting flowers are quite easy to make and you will find video instructions here to make a bouquet of pastel-hued roses. You need a few coffee filters to make an entire bouquet as you only get 2 petals from one coffee filter. The subtle colour of the roses is achieved by using a small amount of watercolour or watered down acrylic craft paint.



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