Wood Slice Coasters

Next time you do pruning in the garden, put aside some branches to make these wood slice coasters.


These wood slice coasters are a great way to make use of pruned branches and will protect your furniture from spills. When next pruning in the garden, put aside a collection of different sized branches to make your own wood slice coasters.



Branches in different thicknesses

Offcut piece of plywood

Band saw or mitre saw and table saw

Wood glue

Orbital sander plus 80-, 120- and 180-grit sanding pads

Wood oil

Buy all the tools and materials for this project at Builders Warehouse.




1. Cut the branches into 5mm thick slices using a band saw or mitre saw.

2. Use an old coaster to measure and mark the piece of plywood into coaster-sized strips. After mounting the wood slices you will cut this down to size.

3. Glue all the wood slices onto the plywood. By using branches of different diameters (small to large) you can arrange the wood slices to have almost no gaps between them. Leave overnight to dry.

4. Cut the individual strips on a table saw or mitre saw and then cut down to coaster size.

5. Starting with 80-grit, sand the tops of the individual coasters so that they are even. Finish with 180-grit for a smooth surface.


6. Apply wood oil, sealer or polyurethane varnish to protect your new coasters. Stick [4] silicone bumpers underneath the coasters to protect your furniture from scratches.



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