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Discover the art of carving

If you love working with wood and want to start a new hobby, wood carving is definitely something to consider. With a basic set of wood carving tools you can carve beautiful items


Learn how to craft your own decorative trinket and jewellery boxes - for yourself or to make extra money.

As you become more accustomed to using carving tools you can move up to more detailed projects.

There's no limit to the items you can craft with a basic set of wood carving tools and a block of wood.

Wood carving sets are available in a variety of brand names, priced from around R830 up to R12 000 per set, or you can purchase individual wood carving tools.


GOOD TO KNOW: Always use a sharp knife when wood carving. A blunt carving knife is far more dangerous than a sharp one. Whenever you carve with a blunt blade you apply more pressure to remove material, which means that you can easily lose control of the cutting process.

To get started in wood carving pop onto YouTube. There are literally hundreds of videos that offer advice and tips for all types of wood carving projects. It’s important to become familiar with the methods for basics, as they are essential to laying out the foundation of mastering carving and cutting techniques.

Once you have a better understanding of the tools used for wood carving, and the best method for using the tools, you can start practicing on pieces of scrap wood to master the different techniques. Your first project could be something as simple as using basic cuts to create a specific shape on a flat piece of wood, or something as complicated as a 3-dimensional sculpture.

What wood to use for carving

When starting out in wood carving you want to start with a soft wood, as this requires less work and less stress on tools. The best woods for carving are basswood, Jelutong, oregon pine or spruce. While these woods are not readily available at timber merchants, there are hobby stores and suppliers of exotic and indigenous timbers..

Keeping tools sharp

To ensure that tool blades are always sharp and ready for use you will need a sharpening stone. Types of sharpening stones to consider are diamond and oil stones, or invest is a bench top sharpening system for sharpening a variety of workshop tools. Alternatively, if you invest in a Dremel High-Speed MultiTool, you can use an accessory grinding stone to keep your tools sharp.

A Dremel MultiTool is a handy tool to own if you do decide to take up wood carving. You can use this tool for detailed cutting and carving, as well as sanding and polishing to finish your projects.


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