Make a Chinese Checkers board game

This Chinese Checkers board game is an easy project to make and will provide hours of fun for adults and kids.


Designed and made by lovely indeed, apart from a few basic suppliers that you might already have, you'll need some coloured marbles, 60 coloured marbles in fact - or substitute with painted wood beads.




1. Draw and cut out a hexagon shape for the game board. You can do this with a jigsaw or mitre saw.

2. Mark the locations for drilling the holes. Some math involved here to mark 6 groups of 10 triangles and then the holes in the centre. The easiest way is to draw a 6-point star and then space the holes equally along these lines.


3. Use a spade bit that is slightly smaller than the marbles or wood balls that you have. Because it's so difficult to find the marbles of wood balls in a specific size, you'll want to make the board according to these.

4. Sand the board and drilled holes for a smooth finish.


5. Paint the 10 holes in the six-triangular sections in a different colour - to match your marbles or wood balls. All the centre holes should be in a single, different colour.


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