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DIY gift for dad

Everyone likes to receive a gift made with love and this charging station is the perfect gift for Father's Day.


This charging station is a great gift to make for Father's Day and it won't take that long to finish. It's made using PAR pine that you can buy at your nearest Builders Warehouse.

The charging station has slots for a tablet or phone, as well as a storage compartment for odds and ends.

Once you've made the charging station you can paint, or stain and seal/varnish in your choice of colour. Our charging station was stained Mahogany and sealed with Rust-Oleum polyurethane natural matt sealer.





As an optional finish you can glue felt strips to the slots and storage compartment to


4 of 19 x 44 x 250mm

5 of 19 x 44 x 125mm

6 of 19 x 44 x 25mm

1 of 22 x 22 x 250mm

2 of 22 x 22 x 50mm

1 of 100 x 114mm

Wood glue

Quick clamps

Tape measure and pencil

Paint, stain, sealer or varnish to finish



Preparation: Sand all the cut pieces smooth before assembly.

1. Assemble the pieces to make the back slot for a tablet. These sections are glued and clamped together.

2. Arrange the pieces for the centre section with the storage compartment and glue / clamp these together and leave for about an hour before joining to the back section with wood glue.

3. Glue on the [2] 22 x 50mm piece for the phone slot.

4. Add the final piece to finish off the charging station.

5. Cut 19 x 44mm pine for the feet on the base. These are placed and glued 5mm in from the edges.

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