Now you can Buy Cross-Stitch Kits for Beginners

If you are inspired by some of the beautiful cross-stitch projects out there, now you can buy a beginners cross-stitch kit from Amazon and have it delivered to South Africa.




Research shows that starting a craft or hobby is not only great fun, it's also good for mental and physical health. These days our lives are all one big deadline; we rush around trying our best to stay on top of everything, which is most definitely not good for our mental health. Starting a craft is a simple way to sit back and relax and take your mind off the chaos that surrounds us, even if it's only for an hour or two each week.

Studies undertaken by several large crafting companies show that almost 50% of Americans have found that crafting can be an excellent way to relieve stress during difficult times. One craft that is easy to learn and brings joy upon completing a project, is cross-stitching. There are so many beautiful examples of cross-stitching on the Web and we found a selection of beginner cross-stitching kits that you can buy from Amazon - and have delivered to South Africa - if you like the idea of starting this as a new hobby. - 140806228451196/?nic_v2=1a1x6fyPS


What is cross-stitch?

Embroidery has once again become a popular craft, as many people turn to this as a way to relieve stress, make some extra income, or purely for the satisfaction of completing a project they have made. But before you go headlong into embroidery, cross-stitch is a simple embroidery method that lets you use 'X' or cross-stitches to create an image or pattern. It might not be as delicate as embroidery, but if you are just starting, it's a great way to become introduced to the basic of embroidery. - 5911043253334461/?nic_v2=1a1x6fyPS


Download cross-stitch patterns and designs

Below, we take a look at various cross-stitch and embroidery starter kits you might want to invest in. Once you have the starter kit, you already have all you need to get started and can then download a huge selection of cross-stitch and embroidery designs. You can also do a Pinterest search where you will find plenty of FREE cross-stitch and embroidery designs that you can download. - 350506783504739477/?nic_v2=1a1x6fyPS







Beginner cross-stitch kits

Most of the cross-stitch kits shown below include everything you need to get started with your first cross-stitch projects; from embroidery hoops to needles and more. Be sure to check what each kit contains before placing your order so that you can be assured of receiving all the items you need. All the below kits currently ship to South Africa.

GOOD TO KNOW: If any of the links below don't work, you will find a link here that takes you to the main page for Embroidery Starter Kits.

Why would you want to buy an embroidery or cross-stitch starter kit? Mostly because it is not easy to come by such an extensive range of embroidery threads and accessories without spending a lot of time researching online. That's not to say that there aren't any local suppliers, just that it might be the easiest option to consider for a beginner.



















With only 50 thread colours, the POween starter kit has 5 hoops, embroidery cloth and assorted accessories and is the cheapest option of all the starter kits listed here. It still includes essential accessories to get started and even the limited colour selection offers plenty of scope for most embroidery projects.


Please note that this article is not sponsored by Amazon, neither am I an Amazon affiliate. I know how many of my readers are interested in starting new crafts or a hobby and embroidery is a popular craft to consider.



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