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Festive Wreaths with Burlap and Ribbon

Burlap is an inexpensive fabric that you can buy at most fabric stores and it's ideal for making your own affordable festive wreath.


A simple burlap wreath can be beautiful when you incorporate ribbons, bows and a few festive accessories. The elegant wreaths shown here show just how effective and affordable it is to make your own burlap wreath, and burlap is an inexpensive material that you can buy at most fabric shops.



And to show you how easy it is to make your own burlap wreath, check out the tutorial and video at the bottom of this page that shows how you can make a festive wreath in just under 10 minutes.





Love this idea using recycled poly mesh bags used as bags for fruit and vegetables. The bags are cut into strips and mounted on a circular frame.



All you need to make your own festive burlap wreath is a wire frame (and you can easily make your own if you can't find one), burlap cut into strips, lots and lots of colourful ribbon, and some thin gauge or floral wire. You can make a burlap wreath that's rustic and has a few wood or organic embellishments, or make it more modern with baubles and bows. Choose colours for your wreath that will complement where the wreath will be hung, whether on your door or above a fireplace.

Add festive flair to your front door with a colourful burlap wreath. They are super simple to make and only require a few affordable supplies to complete. Choose ribbons and embellishments that bring a pop of colour to your front entrance to greet guests. You can also hang a wreath above your fireplace, or place it in front of a window.


Wire frame (or make your own)

Burlap, cut into strips

Thin gauge or floral wire

GOOD TO KNOW: Use food colouring as a dye to change the colour of natural burlap.




1. Place your burlap strip under the wire frame, making sure the burlap is perpendicular to the frame.

2. Wrap the burlap strip around the inside ring and then thread a piece of floral wire through the end and twist to secure to the frame.

3. Working from the inside out, bring the ribbon up through the open space and make a loop. Repeat to make another loop and repeat again to fill the wire sections with the 3 loops.



4. Twist the burlap strip twice. This will act as a knot to secure the burlap.

5. Flip the wreath over, with the burlap strip at the back, and bring the strip to the inner circle (next to the last row) and start making another row of loops. Repeat this until you have completed the wreath. The last twist is fastened to the back of the frame.



How to make a burlap wreath using a metal coat hanger:



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