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Instant makeover with Bravo spray paint

Bravo spray paint provides an instant makeover for your home, and Builders have a special on the Bravo spray paint range.


Builders have a special on the Bravo spray paint range that is valid until 23/12/2018, so there's never been a better time to pop into your local Builders Warehouse and grab a can or two (or more) Bravo spray paint. At R68 a can, you can afford to choose more colours for all your spray painting projects and crafts.





Bravo spray paint is a lacquer-based spray paint available a range of vibrant, trendy colours that is suitable for a variety of surfaces. Bravo is easy to apply, fast drying and is perfect for indoor and outdoor applications to give your home an instant makeover. You can use Bravo spray paint on wood, metal and glass for all your furniture makeovers, crafts and hobbies.

Use Bravo spray paint to give old accessories a new look. Simply clean and dry the project before spraying on your choice of Bravo spray paint colour.



It's so easy to give furniture a new look with Bravo spray paint. We've seen chest of drawers with basket drawers on the side of the road. And while these are great for storage, the finish doesn't always complement your style of decor. Now you can shake and spray a can of Bravo spray paint to give them a look that blends perfectly with your decorating scheme.

We love that you can use Bravo spray paint to turn ho-hum picture frames into a dramatic feature for any wall. You can also use Bravo spray paint to give all your decor accessories a new look and save money on buying new.



Tips for Successful Spray Painting

1. Always spray in a well ventilated area and wear gloves. Mask and eyewear are always recommended.

2. Put down a drop cloth to protect surrounding areas and floors.

3. Applying a primer makes a big difference for your spray painting projects. Using a Rust-Oleum primer provides better adhesion and more professional top coat.

4. To prevent finger fatigue on larger projects, use a Rust-Oleum Comfort Grip.

5. Shake the can well. Once you hear the agitator rattle in the can, shake for one minute more. Also shake regularly during use.

6. Hold the can at the correct distance from the surface of your project. Spray slightly past the edge and keep enough distance between the spray paint nozzle and your project - about 30 centimetres away.

7. More light coats are better than one thick coat.

8. Paint the back or underside of your project first then flip right side up once that side is dry.

9. Should the spray paint nozzle clog up, try spraying the paint upside down on a test surface before going back to your project - or remove the spray can tip and soak in mineral turpentine for a few minutes.

10. Allow spray paint to dry thoroughly before touching your project or you might see fingerprints in your finish. Most spray paint will be touch dry in 20 minutes but a full cure takes about 24 hours.



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