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Make a sisal bottle brush Christmas tree

These sisal bottle brush Christmas trees are actually quite easy to make and add whimsy to your Christmas decor. Make a selection of bottle brush Christmas trees for decor and to dress up your holiday table.


All you need to make your own adorable bottle brush Christmas trees is some sisal rope, thin wire, craft glue, and a few other supplies. You will find sisal rope at your local Builders in different widths and lengths and you will see below that it doesn't really matter what size of rope you use for this project.





After making your sisal bottle brush Christmas trees you can dip them in food colouring and sprinkle with glitter, or grab a can of Rust-Oleum Glitter spray at your local Builders.




Sisal rope (must be sisal)

Thin gauge wire



Vice or clamps

Bostik clear or craft glue

Food colouring or Rust-Oleum Glitter spray to finish

Disposable gloves



1. Cut the sisal rope into 100mm lengths and twist to separate the strands.

2. Cut a length of wire 500mm long, or longer if you want a taller bottle brush tree. Fold the wire in half and make a loop at the top.

3. Pop on your gloves and apply glue down the lengths of the wire.



4. Place one side of wire flat so that you can layer the sisal fibres on top of this. Fill up as much as possible with strands for a fuller tree shape. Place other half of wire on top of the strands. It's also a good idea to add a little extra glue down the centre - along the wires. Let the glue dry overnight.

5. Clamp one end of the wire in a vice or under a clamp. Use pliers to grab the looped end and twist. Continue to twist - and fluff the fibres while you twist. Too much twisting and the wire will snap, so let your first project be an experiment.

6. Remove the tree from the vice or clamps and fluff out. Use scissors to give the tree its shape. Cut from top to bottom. Here is a video where Martha Stewart cuts the shape before mounting the fibres in wire, so you could also try this method.


To finish your sisal bottle brush tree you can dip in food colouring and sprinkle with glitter, or spray with Rust-Oleum Glitter spray. Fluff out the fibres once done.

As a stand for your tree use a small block of wood or cut a polystyrene ball in half.


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