Wall-mounted storage sling for books or shoes

If you need some extra storage in a kiddies bedroom or a place to store more shoes, this wall-mounted sling is an easy and attractive way to store items.


This easy wall-mounted sling is a great way to store things. You can use it to store books in a kiddies bedroom or playroom, or you can use it for extra shoe storage in a closet or bedroom. All you need to make this wall-mounted sling is some pretty fabric, a sewing machine and a double towel rail and fittings.


You can buy a selection of towel rails at your nearest Builders Warehouse, and you can choose a style that works for you. They have a variety of modern and traditional towel rails designs to choose from and that fit in with your budget.


Double towel rail and fittings

Choice of fabric

Sewing accessories

Sewing machine



Drill/Driver plus masonry bits and wall plugs

Tape measure and pencil



Before you sew up the fabric sling, wash and dry the fabric so that it doesn't shrink later on. Use an iron to remove any wrinkles.

1. Determine the width of your towel bar and cut the fabric to the same width. If your towel bar is 600mm in length, cut the fabric to 600mm. Determine the total length of the fabric by establishing what you will use the sling for. Allow enough depth in the sling for books or shoes, or whatever item will be stored in the sling, and for the hem at the top and bottom ends.

GOOD TO KNOW: Double the total length so that once finished your sling will have the face fabric on the outside and inside the sling.

GOOD TO KNOW: After cutting the fabric to the correct size, use your sewing machine to edge the fabric to prevent fraying along the edges.

2.  Fold fabric in half with patterned sides together and pin along 3 sides. Leave one edge open to turn the fabric right side out after sewing.

3. Sew the pinned edges with a basic running stitch, but remember to leave on end open. Turn the fabric right side out, fold over and iron the open end and close with hand stitching.



4. Make the pockets for the towel rails, disassemble the towel rail and insert the rails through the sewn pockets.

GOOD TO KNOW: If you are unable to disassemble the towel rail, fold the ends of the fabric over the rails and close with hand stitching.

liberty hardware

Once your sling is mounted onto the rails, mark and drill holes for mounting the sling on a wall using wall plugs and screws.



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