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6 Craft Ideas For Valentine's Day

There are thousands of ideas on crafts you can do for Valentine's Day, and we found 6 of the best ideas for this Valentine's Day.



Whether it's for your hubby, your sweetheart, your teacher or your latest flame, we went far and wide to find some of the most unique and fun-loving craft ideas for Valentine's day gifts. Whether you like to bake your Valentine something special or get crafty. These gifts won't empty your wallet, and you might already have everything you need at home. But one thing all these Valentine's day craft ideas have in common is that they will surprise someone you love and won't cost a fortune.








If your child wants to treat all his friends and teachers for Valentine's day, this project is a quick and easy one. Find a suitable light bulb clipart image that you can use and print out on white paper. Use a heart-shaped punch to create the shape in the centre. Hot glue a red lollipop to the back piece of paper and glue around the edges to close up.


Another fun Valentine project that the kids can do for their teacher and classmates or friends can be done with a little help from mom or dad. Find gumball clipart that you can print out on a PC printer. Place this in a plastic bag and pour in the gumballs. Use a stapler to close up the packet. So easy!








Chocolate is synonymous with Valentine's Day and giving the one you love a custom-wrapped chocolately bar of love will have you in his or her good favour. I managed to download the printable wrappers that you can see below, courtesy of, so feel free to pop on over there for more project ideas. Click here for the Chocolate Hearts, or the Love You chocolate bar wrapper.



Buy or bake up a batch of chocolate chip cupcakes and decorate these with romantic messages. Give your love a cupcake for lunch or save it for a special evening celebration.


And this baked treat is specially for the young ones or those with minimal baking skills. Sugar cookies are almost impossible to get wrong and you can add icing with your romantic message.


Don't forget to package your home-baked goodies and biscuits in handmade packets or sachets. Burlap or hessian are extremely affordable fabrics and you can sew little gift bags for your treats.








After 30 years of marriage, I still have a framed poem that I wrote for my husband. It's nice to have a permanent, framed memory to look back on fondly and all you need to make your own Valentine memory is a picture frame, red cardstock and a page taken from an old book.


For all the true romantics out there, why not put together a special Valentine scrapbook album of all your favourite photographs or images. Digital is great but there's still nothing like a beautifully decorated photo album that you can take out and browse through any time you feel like reminiscing.



If you are looking for quick and easy crafts to make for someone this Valentine's day, we found a couple that you might want to try. Both use materials that won't cost much and both are super-easy to make.


Everyone has annoying cords for their phones, tablets, pads or electronic devices. This handy case helps you keep your cords organised and is made use pleather, although you can substitute for genuine leather if you can afford to do so.

If you enjoy doing DIY and have a few pieces of scrap wood lying around, making this votive candleholder with heart cut-outs is a 30-minute project, tops!



If you and your loved one are celebrating Valentine's Day at home with a special dinner or party, don't forget to hang up the decorations. I love the idea of taking pages from an old paperback book and turning these into a heart garland for decorating the home. You can buy a heart-shaped pump at craft and stationery stores online, as well as many other designs.


Cut-out heart shapes in shades of pink and white are fastened onto a ribbon to create a pretty and romantic feature.




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