Christmas Craft: Make a Felt Wreath Cushion

This beautiful felt wreath cushion will not only bring a festive touch to your home, but it is also a great gift idea.




You don't need to just hang a wreath on a door - why not make a wreath cushion for your home!



This beautiful cushion is perfect for decorating the holiday home and you can replace the muted colours shown above with red and green felt that would be the perfect decoration for the festive season. We like the subtle grey and white hues in the original design as this would make if perfect for giving to someone you love as a gift.



Felt squares are available at various online suppliers and we found an affordable selection of colours at Leroy Merlin at a cost of R53.00 for 10 pieces. If you don't have a store close to you, you could always buy online or arrange for delivery. Alternatively, if you have a Westpack Lifestyle close to you, they offer a selection of colours, including grey and white, at a cost of R44.90 per pack of 6.




It is so easy to make this felt wreath cushion, even if you don't have a lot of sewing skills. If you don't have a sewing machine, you can hand sew the felt onto a cushion, but it is better to sew the felt on with a sewing machine.




Plain cushion - or make your own cushion

3 Grey felt squares

Pompom trim (buy at fabric stores)

Grey sewing thread

Sewing machine or sewing needles


Dressmaking chalk






Step 1

Buy or make your cushion for this project. Use a small plate or side plate and a piece of chalk to draw a circle on the front of the cushion to serve as a guide for sewing on the felt detailing.


Step 2

Cut out the leaf shapes from the grey felt squares. Work out how to cut out as many leaf shapes as possible on a single square so that no felt goes to waste.


Step 3

Following the chalk line for the circular shape, arrange and pin the felt leaves around before sewing them in place with either a sewing machine or hand stitching them neatly onto the cushion.



Hand stitch or use a sewing machine to attach the grey felt leaves onto the front of the cushion.





Step 4

Use a needle and thread to sew individual or grouped pompoms onto the cushion. Place these randomly around the circle.









More Ways to Add Felt Designs to Cushions

Using decorative pillows to add to your home for the festive season brings even more cheer into the home at the special time of the year. There are plenty more ideas for using affordable felt for adding and some designs don't need to be sewn onto the cushion, but rather you can use fabric glue.


Bring a wintery touch to your holiday decorating with these adorable snowman cushions!



While the children eagerly await the arrival of Santa Claus, these cushions will be a favourite addition to the holiday decorations!



Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without Rudolph and his red nose!






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