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Christmas Craft: A Roll of Paper for Your Holiday Tablecloth

With a single roll of brown or white paper your can dress the holiday table, wrap presents, create holiday decor and so much more.




Keeping up with the theme of an affordable Christmas this year, in this article we look at how you can use a roll of brown or white paper to dress up your holiday table for the family feast. And there are plenty of other ways to use what is left on the roll for other holiday decoration such as wrapping your Christmas present, creating unique festive decor, making holiday gift bags and so much more.



Festive Messages

Using brown paper for your holiday table allows you the opportunity to do something unique and personal. Write festive greeting on the brown paper, label each setting as a placeholder, or just add your own decoration with the brown paper. Think about a piece of fabric or ribbon underneath the brown paper to add a colourful or festive pattern, or use gift wrap ribbon to decorate the edges of the brown paper tablecloth.



Not only can you use a roll of brown paper as a tablecloth for the festive dining table but also to make your own festive greetings to decorate family and friends into your home.



You can use a roll of brown paper again and again for all types of celebrations, whether it is a special birthday, mother / fathers day, baby shower or just a get-together for a special occasion.


A Greener Christmas

Dressing the holiday dining table with brown paper goes perfectly with fresh foliage and berries from the garden. I have Nandina Domestica growing in my garden and the red berries produced by this plant resemble holly berries. But there are plenty of other types of foliage you can snip off a few branches, blue gum being the most popular and also give the table a beautiful scent.



Kid-Friendly Holiday Table

And last, but not least, let's not forget about the kiddies table. Putting down a brown paper covering gives the kids and opportunity to keep themselves occupied while the adults enjoy their festive celebration. Kit out the table with plenty of crayons or colouring-in pens and let them do their own thing.



Wrap It Up

Using brown paper for gift wrapping is yet another use for a roll of brown paper and will save you a lot of money on wrapping paper. Plus, you can dress up plain brown paper wrapping with sprigs of greenery and handmade decorations or embellishments.



Keep your gift wrapping simple by using plain brown paper, foliage from your garden and wrap with twine or string.


There are plenty of online tutorials that show you how to make brown paper stars for decorating your home for the holidays and you can add even more of a festive touch with splashes of colourful glitter. You will also find step-by-step instructions on making your own holiday gift bags.




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