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5 Inspirational Ideas For Getting Started With Paper Crafting

We list five paper crafts you can try and we guarantee that it won’t be long before you’re hooked on one or more of them!



Over the past year, interest in hobbies that can be enjoyed at home has boomed, and paper-crafting has emerged as one of the most popular creative pastimes. Not only does it provide limitless scope for your imagination, but it also allows you to create unique practical items, such as greeting cards, which can save you money!

But, is it easy to get started? And what are the best paper crafting projects to try?

First of all, the equipment you'll need is pretty basic and won't break the bank. For your starter kit all you'll need is a supply of different papers and card; cutting blades; some small sharp scissors; pens, pencils, and a ruler; clear acrylic glue; and as many decorative items such as glitter, glass crystals, feathers, and other natural items as you want.

In terms of the best projects to start with, it depends on what you're most attracted to. There's a wealth of inspiration on sites such as Pinterest, and hundreds of beginner tutorials on YouTube. Here are five papercrafts you can try, to get you started. We guarantee that it won’t be long before you’re hooked on one or more of them!


1. Decoupage

Decoupage is simply the French word for ‘cutting’! It’s a creative way to transform a simple design or image into something more original and beautiful by cutting paper and gluing it onto a flat surface with a clear adhesive.

Cut-outs can be made from all kinds of paper – gift wrap, magazine photos, and you could even include some patterned fabrics for additional interest. If you’re too impatient to gather a selection of papers to use, specialist craft suppliers sell packs of attractive images to get you started. There’s a certain amount of practice needed to ensure that your cut-outs lie flat as wrinkles don’t give the best finish.


The great thing about this particular craft is that you’re not limited to layering paper onto paper. Decoupage can be used to decorate mirrors, glass panes, or wooden surfaces to create unique and stunning effects.


2. Scrapbooking

The wonderful thing about scrapbooking is that you can create a unique record of special moments in your life, to treasure for years to come. Every scrapbook reflects the personality and artistic flair of its creator, and there are no rules about how you should decorate yours.

There are a few simple guidelines you can use to get you started if the sight of a blank scrapbook is a little daunting. Before you start, be clear about the subject you’re going to choose. It will help you get going, but whether you stick rigidly to it or wander off-topic later, is up to you- either is fine.

Next, choose your design theme. Do you want a classic retro look, or should it be full of rainbow colors? Do you want it to reflect your favorite color, or maybe a tropical theme, with the colors of the ocean and the beach? Being clear about these details will give your scrapbook has a clear visual identity.


Now, it’s time for the photos. Choose the ones you want to go on each page – either individually or as a collage, and glue them. Three or four will be sufficient.

Finally, add your own touches. Page borders? Frames for each photo? A journal entry – perhaps with attractive calligraphy. Even add some 3-D elements with glass beads, pressed flowers, seeds or whatever else your imagination comes up with. If you need a little inspiration, ideas from or similar sites will soon spark your creative vision.

Building your scrapbook up slowly, and letting your ideas evolve gradually can be intensely rewarding. If you want to create something that will bring pleasure for you and others, for years to come, scrapbooking is a great way to start your paper-crafting journey!


3. Card-making

If you prefer greetings cards that are that little bit more personal, making cards to send to friends and family will let them know how much thought and love you've put into your message.

If you’re thinking that you don’t have the artistic skills to create something attractive, don’t worry!


You only need the most basic of supplies – good quality card, water-based paints, and a crafting knife. Rather than painting free-hand, use stencils. You can buy these from craft shops, or create your own using strong card and a sharp blade. The easiest way to create simple attractive designs – stencil blocks!


4. Quilling

Quilling involves rolling paper strips and arranging them on a surface to create intricate 3D designs. It requires time and patience, especially if you choose to roll your own quills (a useful hack is to buy them ready-made, so you can focus on creating your artwork instead).


As with decoupage, you're not limited to attaching the quills to cards or paper. Creating flower or heart designs to decorate jewelry boxes has become a hot trend over the past couple of years.

This is intricate work, but specialist quilling tools are available to help you create stunning results.


5. Origami

Who among us hasn't marveled at a delicate and graceful origami model of an animal, and wondered how it was done? As children we may have even tried to create a few simple shapes ourselves, before being daunted and giving up.

Yet origami is a wonderful pastime, which develops concentration and patience as well as creating fantastic artworks. And the good news is that now we have a wealth of resources available online to help us learn the basics and progress with this amazing skill. Youtube has hundreds of video tutorials with step by step instructions.


So, what are you waiting for? Gather the basics supplies and unleash your creativity! As with every skill, you’ll get improve with practice, so your first projects should be done in a spirit of experimentation. Don't worry about whether the results are perfect – even the most accomplished papercraft workers had to start somewhere!

Enjoy your journey!






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