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How To Design A Practical Guest Bedroom

If you have guests or family staying over regularly, you will want to make sure you have a guest bedroom that is given careful thought and consideration.



When family or guests come to stay over, you will not only want to have a guest bedroom that is welcoming and comfortable, but also one that is given careful thought and consideration. If you are not too sure how to go about this or where to start, we have some insightful ideas that will guide you in the right direction.







1. A welcoming appeal

You may not think you have the budget to design a guest bedroom that resembles that of a boutique hotel, but it's not about how much you spend on what's in the room but more about aesthetics and adding a few creature comforts that make the room about more than just good looks.

It is adding things such as access to your Wi-Fi password or having a small desk in place where they can do occasional work or catch up on emails. Or perhaps you may even want to have a wall-mounted TV that guests can enjoy when relaxing in the room. You don't have to go to great expense for most of these comforts but they will make a huge impact on how guests enjoy their stay.


One item I always like to consider for a guest bedroom is a coffee station. This is a considerate addition if school-going children are living in the home. The last thing you or your guests need first thing in the morning is to be in the way of a regular morning routine and giving your guests a way to make a morning cup of coffee or tea will alleviate that situation.







If there isn't any room in the guest bedroom to set up a coffee station, perhaps there will be a bit of space in the guest bathroom.



2. Proportion and Scale

As the centrepiece of any bedroom, you want to ensure that the bed doesn't hog all the space in a guest bedroom. Perhaps it might be worthwhile to invest in a wall bed if visitors regularly stay over. Buying a Murphy bed might not be an option in South Africa, but there are plenty of instructional videos on how to make your own wall bed - one that lifts up out of the way when not in use.



There are also options for beds that have storage underneath where guests can put away clothes. This will reduce the need for a chest of drawers and provide more floor space for guests to move around the room. If you don't find what you are looking for, grab your tools and make your own bed base with built-in or pullout drawers. Making the bed frame yourself will not only allow you to make a custom design, but you will also save money on what it would cost to buy a new, ready-made bed base with headboard and storage drawers.


3. Comfort

Just as you enjoy a level of comfort in the bedroom, so do your guests. We are not suggesting that you invest in an expensive mattress - just one that will be comfortable and offer a good nights sleep. You should also keep in mind the age of anyone using the guest bedroom, particular someone who suffers from any physical disabilities or discomfort due to age.

Providing a mattress that offers support and comfort will also go towards adding to a boutique hotel atmosphere, especially when layered with cotton bed linen and a comforter or throw blanket to add warmth and texture.


In the cooler months of the year, you will also want to ensure that any guests staying over will be warm during the evenings. Placing a rug underfoot will add warmth to a guest bedroom, as will providing extra blankets for the bed.


4. Dressing up the room

A guest bedroom should never feel clutter or be overfilled with furniture or accessories. Less is always best in a smallish room so look at how you can provide all the essentials to make the room look good, as well as a few goodies to dress up the room and have it feel welcoming and comfortable. Sometimes all it takes is the perfect colour palette, a piece of art and one or two plants to make it feel like a home away from home.







Less is always best when decorating a guest bedroom.



You can add warmth and personality to a small guest bedroom by choosing the right accessories. If the room is decorated in a theme or particular style decor accessories should reflect the same style so as not to look out of place. If you prefer not to use plants in the room, look at other ways of incorporating nature or greenery.


5. A bright and airy space

For any guest room to feel welcoming it needs to be bright and airy. Ensuring the space is uncluttered will help towards freeing up the room and also make it easier to clean regularly. But also consider window treatments and how they block out or let in natural light. Select curtains or blinds that won't interfere with air circulation and flow of light into the room and this will go a long way towards keeping the room refreshed.


If space is limited and your need to place the bed in front of the window, choose a headboard that is not too high and will not block out too much natural light.






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