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It's A Man's World - In the Bedroom!

Interior Design firms and home decor magazines are all about bringing a woman's touch into the bedroom, but what if you want something more masculine, something that says it's a man's bedroom.



Browse interior design websites or shop online for home decor and you will instantly notice that it always seem to be about how women decorate the home. But what about men, don't they also want a gorgeous bedroom, one with masculine appeal? In an attempt to level the playing field just a little, I thought it might be nice to do something that caters for the man's world when it comes to decorating a bedroom.









Stylish and Chic

It's not only the female gender that decorates homes; men also take an active part in decorating their own homes and also demand home interiors that are stylish and chic. And why shouldn't they? Whether it is all about leather headboards and furniture, dark and brooding bedrooms or something a bit edgier, masculine bedrooms have just as much style and chic.



• Luxury Leather

Nothing adds more luxury than leather, whether it is used for a floor-to-ceiling headboard, for a seating area within the bedroom or for the bed itself. Leather is the ultimate luxury and it is perfect for any bedroom whether masculine or feminine.


• Raw Strength

Concrete is the epitome of masculinity and brings a raw, edgy vibe into a bedroom. Raw concrete walls or polished concrete floors throughout a bedroom and flowing into the master en-suite offers raw strength at its best. If you don't want to go with walls and floors, bring in a few concrete elements via sculptures or custom seating. Consider combining concrete with leather or wood.


• Dark Emotion

Dark, brooding colours are perfect for the masculine bedroom. Colours most prominently featured when decorating a bedroom for a man are darker hues such as dark brown and grey, deep blue and hunter green, with pops of bold colour or metallic finishes to brighten up the room.


Strong lines and geometric designs feature

prominently in masculine bedrooms


• Visual Electricity

What man doesn't want a bedroom that gives off visual energy? It's all about pattern and texture. Strong lines and geometric shapes feature heavily in masculine design, giving a room a level of energy and excitement. When combined with leather finishes, organic elements and broody colours, the effect is powerful and emotional.







Men who like a little 'kink' in the bedroom bring mirror panels

or large mirrors into play!



• Layered Luxury

Men might not be into a bed layered with row upon row of pretty cushions, but they also love a little layered luxury in the bedroom. Think high-thread-count bed linen for comfort and dark colours for bedding. Match this with luxury underfoot with thick rugs or mats and heavy drapes to frame windows.


A masculine bedroom is anything but frilly and everything minimalistic,

clean and sharp with a riot of textiles to soften the edge.


• Lighting for Seduction

When lighting up a masculine bedroom consider the setting. While lighting should be sensible it should also be seductive. It's out with the frilly bedside lamps and in with low-hanging pendants at either side of the bed. Think LED lighting strips to highlight features within the room and allow the main lighting to be switched off or dimmed to set the mood.


• Artistic License

Decorating a masculine bedroom is the absence of bright and whimsical and more about dark and brooding. Artwork is the finishing touch for any room in a home and most definitely the bedroom. Black and white photographs, muted or bold abstract prints or a monochromatic gallery wall with matt black-framed images.




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