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Ideas to Decorate the Wall Above a Bed

In most bedrooms, and particularly those rooms that have a small or no headboard, the wall above the bed is a blank space and yet there are so many ways to decorate the wall above a bed.






The wall above the bed provides the perfect spot for decor and accessories that will fill up that blank space and add a finishing touch as well as make sure that the bed itself is a feature or focal point in the bedroom.



Headboard or not, why let this valuable wall space go to waste when you could add even more of a finishing touch to any bedroom. The space above a bed doesn't need to be a blank space and here are a few ideas for you to look at if you want to fill this negative space.









1. Space for Inspirational Quotes

Framing inspirational quotes or painting directly onto the wall above the bed is an easy and affordable way to decorate the blank space above the bed. The easiest way to do this is to find your favourite inspirational quote online or use a program that allows you to use different fonts for your own inspirational quote. Make this up and put onto a flash drive that you can take to a local printer and have printed out. After that, all you need is the perfect frames to mount your new art over the bed.





If you like the idea of framing inspirational quotes to hang over the bed, you can visit sites like Etsy to be able to download the image files at a reasonable cost.





Another quick and easy idea is to take your idea along to a printer that specialises in printing on self-adhesive vinyl, and this will allow you to stick the quotation onto the all.







2. Hang Art Above the Bed

Most home decor stores stock a variety of framed or canvas prints that you can choose from to hang in the home, and these are just as great above a bed in the bedroom. If you don't find something you like, think about using pretty patterned fabric to mount on a wood frame or wallpaper that can be glued onto blocks for hanging onto the wall. There is also the option of having a digital printing company print something unique for you. 





A collection of small prints or a single large print above the bed will bring some interest to the wall. If you are using a row of small prints, don't get them too small that they look insignificant, or look for images where you can place more than one row or stagger them to fill up the space.




3. Something Unique or On-Of-A-Kind

Finding something unusual behind the head of the bed will bring a unique touch to the bedroom and it isn't hard to have something like this made. Companies that offer CNC cutting - albeit an expensive solution - can cut sheet goods with various designs and to any shape. You can have a panel made in 3mm or 6mm, or thin sheet metal, perspex or acrylic sheet.





Mandalas are circular designs with intricate patterns that you don't find in home decor stores. When mounted over a bed, it can introduce a Boho theme or finish off eclectic or contemporary bedroom decor.





4. Textile Art of Wall Hangings

A plain or small headboard doesn't add anything to the bed, and this is when installing or mounting a piece of art above the bed will make a huge difference. Textiles not only make excellent wall hangings but also bring a textural element into the room, add some colour and interest and you have the perfect focal point and attractive feature for the bedroom.





A lot of the macramé and tapestry designs that you see on the web are usually via Etsy and are handmade. Anyone who loves the idea of creating their own work of art will plenty of online tutorials and step-by-step projects they can do themselves.









5. Themed Wall Decoration

Decorating with a theme can be daunting. You want to incorporate accessories that mimic the theme in the room, but you don't want to overdo it. Decorating the space above the bed is all you need plus a few accessories here and there that mirror the theme throughout the room. 





When wanting to have accessories for a particular theme, go online for ideas. You will find plenty of inspiration on sites such as Pinterest, etc.





6. Floating or Wall Shelf

Decorative shelves are an excellent idea for above the bed. You can use these to display accessories, as a place to show off art or photos, or even a place to have a few small plants. For a cottage or country bedroom, using the shelf to display fresh or silk floral arrangements will add a soft, romantic touch.





Shelves above the bed are handy to have if there is very little room on either side of the bed. Don't mount them too high so that you can use them to have bedside essentials close at hand.





7. Mirrors Above the Bed

Like any room in the home, mirrors can be mounted to add to a particular theme such as gilt mirrors for a traditional bedroom or wicker frame from a country or cottage style home. And many home decor stores and Builders stock a variety of ready-made mirrors that are reasonably priced, or you can make your own frame and have the mirror cut to size.





Mirrors, large and small, are the perfect addition on the wall behind the bed. Not only decorative, but mirrors are also great for bouncing light around the room and enhancing romantic lighting when the mood hits.







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