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Give Built-In Cupboards A New Look with These Inexpensive Tricks

For most homeowners, closet space is confined to a wall of built-in cupboards that are either plain or ugly and we offer some tips on improving and updating the look of built-in cupboard doors.



When you buy a newly built or existing home, chances are the closet space in the bedrooms consists of a wall of solid white melamine doors lacking in detail, or if you're in an older property it could be a wall of cheap wood or veneered doors. Either way, these aren't very inspiring and detract from how a bedroom should look. There are a few ways to transform ugly doors into an interesting and sometimes practical feature in the bedroom and most of these options won't cost that much. Let's take a look at what can be done to improve the look of built-in cupboard doors.










Add a Mirrors to Built-In Cupboard Doors

Adding mirrors to built-in cupboard doors is an obvious choice, especially in a bedroom that lacks floor space and feels on the cramped side. We all know that mirrors are excellent for making any room feel larger and they are also ideal if the bedroom doesn't receive a lot of natural light during the day.

Another practical side of adding mirrors to built-in cupboard doors is the 'wow' factor these give to the bedroom. We're not talking about simple mirror panels mounted on the door, but something a tad more interesting than that.

This solution also works well for a large, wardrobe in dark wood that overwhelms the space and will serve to not only update the look of the wardrobe but also lighten up the room and provide a focal point other than the bed.


Get The Look

Take a closer look at the designs shown above and you will discover that they are not as difficult to install as they appear. Making your own mirror panel doors for built-in cupboards is a simple as having 16mm SupaWood cut to the size of the door or opening, cutting out the centre panel to fit in a mirror panel that is cut to size and then adding a 6mm SupaWood CNC cut panel as the decorative overlay.


There are plenty of companies around these days that offer CNC cutting services and you will find one close to you by entering "CNC Cutting Services" in your Google search bar. Mirror panels cut to size can be obtained at any glass or mirror supplier and SupaWood is a board product available at Builders stores around the country.







Browse online images on Pinterest or Instagram to find a design that love and that would look great over mirror panels on your built-in cupboard doors.


Even without the decorative overlay, mirror panels provide a way to instantly transform plain built-in cupboard doors.







Add a Safety Glass to Built-In Cupboard Doors

Another stylish option for modernising built-in cupboard doors is to fit safety glass panels into the doors. Again, a very simple DIY solution that is almost the same as fitting mirror panels, with safety glass substituted for mirrors. If you wanted a decorative overlay for this, you can, or you can have the glass frosted or sandblasted in you want to hide a messy closet behind closed doors!


A more contemporary solution for built-in cupboard doors is to have custom glass doors made to fit. You don't need to do this for the entire wall of cupboards, just a panel that allows the wall of cupboards to make an impact.


If you love the idea of glass panel doors for your built-in cupboards but don't want to see through - have them sandblasted or frosted.




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