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Give your Master Bedroom a Makeover

When it comes to decorating a master bedroom, you not only want to look forward to a good night's sleep, but you also want the bedroom to be a relaxing space where you love to spend downtime.




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Everyone deserves a bedroom that promotes healthy sleep and soothes the body and mind. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, and the master bedroom ends up resembling an unfinished spare bedroom lacking in any form of detail or decoration and purely utilitarian. If you are happy with that situation then so be it. But wouldn't it be nice to have a beautiful master bedroom, one that you love retiring to at the end of every day? It isn't all that difficult to achieve and there are plenty of shortcuts you can take if you want a champagne-style bedroom of a lemonade budget, so let's take a look at how you can transform that utilitarian bedroom into a master bedroom you can be proud of. 



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Identify The Problem

Before you can come up with the ideal solution, you need to identify the problem. Is the room too small for the furniture crammed into it? Is the bedroom dark due to insufficient natural light? Is the colour bland and uninspiring? Make a list of the features you don't like in the bedroom and then you can concentrate on how best to rectify these.









Create a Focal Point

In any bedroom, the bed itself should be the focal point and yet, in so many bedrooms the bed is just another piece of furniture. I know that not everyone loves the idea of a headboard, but you can't deny how much drama and atmosphere even a simple headboard can bring to a master bedroom. Bigger headboard - more impact.


Headboards don't take up any floor space and they provide a comfortable place to rest your head if you enjoy reading yourself to sleep. Should you finally decide it is time to invest in a stylish headboard, do make sure that it is easy to clean if upholstered or easy to make if you plan to DIY it.



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Interior decor magazines always make headboards look so stunning, but the reality is that in a couple of months after leaning against the headboard, it is going to get dirty from hair oils, so whatever you do, either have fabric protection applied or make sure the fabric is easy to clean.







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Comfort is the Key

In any bedroom, whether it is a guest bedroom, a child's bedroom or a master bedroom, comfort is the key. You want a mattress that supports your body and wraps you in a cloud, and if your current mattress is over 10 years old, you're definitely not feeling that! After the mattress which, after all, should be the main priority in the bedroom, you need to think about bed linen. Just like a comfortable mattress, your sheets should feel soft against the skin. Even a slightly higher thread count for your bed sheets isn't that much more expensive than regular cotton and you will enjoy that feeling so much more.



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The type of flooring you have also makes a difference to the mood in a bedroom. Some people prefer tiles or laminate flooring in the bedroom while others prefer more luxury underfoot and have carpet installed. Whatever your choice of flooring, adding a couple of thick rugs on either side of the bed will boost the mood and add a bit of soundproofing.



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Banish the Darkness

Vintage furniture in dark wood hues does nothing for a bedroom that is small to medium in size, and it also doesn't make any visual impression other than to make a room feel smaller and darker. Brightening up with new window treatments, brighter paint colour on walls and trim, and perhaps even new bedroom furniture in lighter colours will instantly bring a fresh new look into the master bedroom. And you might not even need to replace dark wood furniture with new if you are willing to paint the furniture with chalk paint in a lighter colour. 



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If you want to bring some accent colours into your bedroom, do this with soft furnishings or upholstered pieces. That way, you can swap and change these if you want to change the colour scheme. Of course, if you learn how to do your own upholstered pieces, you could easily change the fabric when you want a new look.







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Bring a Bedroom Up to Date

The problem with most master bedrooms is that no one else sees it. But you see it every day and if it hasn't been decorated in the last 10 years, it is time for an update. Paint colours yellow over time, fabrics fade, carpets lose their fluffiness and before you know it, you are sleeping in a boring bedroom that doesn't go with the rest of the house.


Wake up and smell the roses, literally. Fresh flowers, fresh fabrics, freshly painted walls - all of these are not difficult to achieve and the rest you can do as and when you can afford it.



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